River Zubřina - Czech republic

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The river springs near to Pasečnice in Bohemian Forest in an alzitude of 552 m of sea level.
flow length:
22 km

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Published: 26.10.2007
The town of Domažlice is distant approx. 53 kms in south-west direction of Pilsen, situated not far from the German border. Its German name is Taus. Through the town flows the river Zubřina. The city centre was declared as the town preserved reservation. Domažlice is situated in an altitude of 428 m.

The first written notice is from 993, mentioned in a document of Knight Boleslav II.

In the course of 9th-10th centuries there were formed the frontiers of State of Bohemia, and in the neighbouring of the town there was founded  piece of ground of name Tuhošť.  This was quite important point of this area, thanks to its position could be better controlled the uneasy Bavarian frontier. In a period of late Gothic and beginning of Renaissance the big develepment of trades and handicrafts occured. Big business was especially with the beer. The good white beer, made from wheat malt offered here.


The most characteristical point of Domažlice is local street-type square with arcades, which differs from classical chess ground-plans of other towns established at that time. Originally it was a market-place. In the middle of a square it was built the building of Town Hall. On Náměstí Míru (Peace Square) you find also the cloister church of Virgin Mary, built in the course of 14th century.

The Chodský Castle in Domažlice was founded in 60-years of 13th century, now the Chodské Museum is in the rooms of the castle. On Náměstí Svobody (Square of Liberty) you can find Jindřich Museum, you see there the artefacts of local ceramics and people paintings on glass.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Aisano, č.2, DezidorCaroig


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The town of Louny has not so many sightseeings available, making comparison to Domažlice (West Bohemia) or Slavonice (South Bohemia). Nevertheless, who does not know, how Louny looks like, is not expecting any wonder. Maybe, he could imagine some town of standard level, the choice of which could be wide. On the other hand, the person who knows Louny, is pleased to return there again.


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