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River Biela - Belanská - Slovakia

spring (source):
The river sources near to the community of Ždiar, by connection of several brooks.
flow length:
21 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The river sources near to the community of Ždiar, by connection of several brooks, sourcing mostly on north slope of Belianske Tatra. The river flows in eastern direction, and after short section, it turns to the south. From Tatranska Kotlina, the river flows in eastern direction, and near to the community of Bušovce, it mouths into Poprad-river. River-basin surface makes 110 square kilometres, the length of navigable flow makes 25,4 kms.

Biela is a typical moutain small river with narrow, 6-8 meters wide stony river-bed. On its upper flow, the river squeezes its way trough narrow stony cleft and flows in cascades across boulders. So, the river has more than 30% slope. Next, nearly non-passable cleft is in Lendak. Under Lendak, the river-slope  is diminishing, the boulders are missing. However, there are appearing - in this river with sharp stream - stony thresholds and slanting stages, creating slanting rollers. After short section, Biela leaves the forest, the valley is more wide, and the river flows throughout meadows and fields with its violent and great stream. Before the community of Bušovce, the stream becomes more quiet and it is divided into two arms (this southern has more water). The river makes meanders, and after 1 km, it mouths into Poprad-river. Nevertheless, the navigation is quite difficult, experienced watermen, with covered skilful vessels are required. Owing to danger of fallen trees, there is recommended to make the investigation of upper section of Biela-river at least.

Water-register is missing here, so, it is necessary to judge the river-navigability in visual way just on spot. The river is passable at spring snow thaw or after heavy rains only.


It is available in Poprad.

Food supply:

It is available in Ždiar, Tatranská Kotlina and Bušovce.

First aid:

 It is available in Poprad.

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