River Biela Orava (White Orava) - Slovakia

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The river sources in north-west part of Oravska Magura Mountain Range.
flow length:
25 km

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SK, Orava Forest Railroad – Winter Trip
heading (paragraph): Sights
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Beautiful train trip on Orava Forest Railroad, that used to be part of the Kysucko-Orava Forest Railroad. However, currently there are underway attempts to restore. You can take a ride there during the winter months. With fewer visitors there operates a motorized trolley, which has a capacity of 11 seats, but if you collect more passengers there is a possibility of converting them also in open or covered wagons pulled by a diesel locomotive. We unfortunately were not so lucky, but a trolley trip was definitely worth it.


Text and photo: O. Maňáková

SK, Oravska Lesna – Beauty in Nature
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
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Surrounded by the Slovakian Beskydy and theOravska Magura there is one of the most extensive towns in Slovakia, Orava - Oravska Lesna, many older people living there call it Erdútka, which is the older name of the village that comes from the name of Count Juraj Erdődy Jr., which is regarded as its founder. The uniqueness of this village are not only scattered Kopanice the surrounding hills with springsBílé Oravy, but also the fact that this community with the times, thus became in 2011 the village even year! The picturesque village situated amidst the beautiful natural scenery is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. In winter, the suitable conditions for downhill and cross country skiing, but for the rest of the Orava Lesná ideal starting point for excursions into the surrounding countryside. The place will be enjoyed not only by tourists, but also lovers of mountain biking, mushroom pickers, trains or lovers who can ride on the unique historic narrow gaugeforest railroad.

Text and photo: O. Maňáková

SK, Oravska Lesna – On a Bike Around
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
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Beautiful mountain town of Oravska Lesna is surrounded by beautiful yet hars nature of the Slovakian Beskydy and the Oravska Magura. Despite it is located in the midst of the mountains, its surroundings is ideal to bike there. Of many marked bike trails and nice forest paths, everyone will choose according to his preference, enthusiastic bikers, and families with children as well. The latter can take, for instance, a nice asphalt road going slightly uphill to unique historical narrow gauge railway. More experienced hikers can test their abilities on a bike up hill to the railroad station of Sedlo Beskyd, or while climbing to beautiful chapel near the upper station of a cableway in Lehotska.

Text and photo: O. Maňáková

SK, Krusetnica – The Museum of Coffee
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
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In the picturesque Oravian village of Krusetnica you will find beside the traditional residential building, the beautiful Baroque church and the ski area and one unconventional museum bearing the name Oravakafe. This Museum of Coffee, founded by enthusiast Roman Florek, tells the story of the coffee bean from the beginning to the delicious end. The exhibition is the largest mosaic of coffee beans in the world, old mills, coffeemakers, mugs, cups and much more. In addition, there is also a roaster where you can buy and possibly give a bunch of quality coffee or buy souvenirs. The museum offers great enjoyment.


Text and photo: Oskár Mažgút


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