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River Boca (Bocianka) - Slovakia

spring (source):
The river sources below Kunst col on north slopes of Low Tatra Mountains.
flow length:
11 km

Basic information about river

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River description:

The river sources below Kunst Col on north slopes of Low Tatra Mountains. At first, up to the community of Vyšná Boca, the river flows to the east, later, it turns towards north, and this direction is kept up to its mouth into Váh-river.

Its river basin makes 116 square kilometres, passable section is nearly 11 kms long. In upper part, this small river is named as Bocianka.

Boca is a typical small mountain river with big slope and narrow stony river bed. However, great obstacle in its quick stream could be caused by many fallen trees in river-bed. Boca is passable during snow thaw in spring or after heavy rains. For navigation in its low section, water register index in Maluzina must be 40 cm at least. On the other hand, water register in section from Nizna Boca must show 55 cm, and this corresponds to a state of 60 cm on water register index in Králova Lehota.




Food supply:

It is available in communities of Nižná Boca, Malužiná and Králova Lehota.

First aid:

It is available in Liptovsky Hrádek.

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