River Studený potok (oravský) - Cold brook (Orava) - Slovakia

spring (source):
The brook sources in Roháče Valley.
flow length:
10 km

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SK, Zuberec – Frosty Evening Walk in the Museum
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The Museum of the Orava Villagein Zuberec (located at the foothills of the Rohace) consists of over 50 buildings of folk architecture comprised of several units called Dolno-Moravian Street, Hornooravska Street and Goralske Lazy. This picturesque village can be visited during the winter evenings in the late evening hours, as there are evening tours of the museum. Visitors get a wooden lantern with a candle. In addition to the admiration of architecture and natural scenery, there is also a cultural program. It consists of humorous events from Orava, songs and dances. To warm oneself up you get a warm cup of mead and children a chocolate bar.. For a better idea of a unique atmosphere in the open-air museum we bring you the following photo gallery.


Text and photos: Karol Kobelt (www.karolkobella.sk)

Edited by: Infoglobe editorial staff

Zuberec - A museum Of Orava Village
heading (paragraph): Sights
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A Museum of Orava Village in Zuberec is situated inside marvellous mountain environment of West Tatra Mountain Range, Roháče part. It is spreaded at the end of the village of Zuberec, in an area of 8 ha, along both parts of Studená torrent. The museum is open for public all year round. More than 50 homes are placed in five complexes (Dolnooravsky market place, Zamagurska street, Goralske lazy, St. Elizabeth Church with cemetery and mortuary, Mlynisko). All these buildings present seat as well as cultural characteristics of each area of Orava region.  The visitors can visit – all year round - many interesting events, such as, for instance: museum´s sightseeing in the night, including lamps´ illumination and people´s music performances, Podrohačske folklore ceremonies or traditional Orava Market.

Text/photo: Ol'ga Kubáčková

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš


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