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River Tatranský Studený potok - Cold brook (Tatra) - Slovakia

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This broook is created by confluence of Velký (Great) and Malý (Small) Studený potok (Cold Brook).
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5 km

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SK, Tatranska Lomnica – Tourist Heart of the Tatras
Published: 13.3.2014
The heart of the city of Vysoke Tatry is a picturesque village of Tatranska Lomnica. The village is located at an altitude of 850 meters. The village is the largest settlement in the Tatras and, according to many, the most beautiful. Is that really true? That's what why went there to see on our naked eye.

On a freeway from Poprad we headed through a complex crossroad to Stary Smokovec. There we also stopped for a moment. The city is the administrative center of the High Tatras. Under massive Slavkov Shield (2452 m) lies a typical Tatra settlement with beautiful architecture, sport shops and accommodation and dining facilities. For a while we stopped there and enjoyed the view. However, our destination was Tatranska Lomnica, a town 6 km away. Until recently it was a town of its own and today it is part of the town of Vysoke Tatry. And so we had to drive back to the beginning of Stary Smokovec, from where the connector next to the unique Tatra electric railway right up to the village Tatranska Lomnica.

 Tatranská Lomnica  Tatranská Lomnica

Tatranska Lomnica – Skiers’ Heart

Even from a distance a majestic Lomnicky stit (2633 meters) is smiling at us. Almost every mountaineer knows Lomnicky stit with its typical observatory on the top. And it is right there were Tatranska Lomnica spreads. Right at the entrance, ads welcomed us saying that Tatranska Lomnica is skiers’ heart. So our first stop was in the ski area. After parking at the free parking lot we were ready for a little trip.

Tatranská Lomnica - lyžařské středisko

We started the tour in modern ski resort . There were lifts and gondolas, well-maintained slopes with 1300 meters of elevation, guaranty of 5 months of snow, or the highest and steepest ski slope is what makes this resort special. In addition to the many attractions there are also less demanding slopes to please especially families with children. The only "small" stain on the beauty are the prices, which could be slightly lower. Moreover, if you compare them to the same and larger centers in neighboring Austria. Well, were not going to ski, so we rather went to the center.

Tatranská Lomnica - lyžařské středisko

Walk through the center

The center of Tatranska Lomnica consists of a railway station, around which are food markets and restaurants, sport shops, an information center. A short walk from there will take you to the newly formed Tatranian Museum of Winter Sports devoted to the history and development of winter sports in the High Tatras from their beginnings until 1945. You should not miss it!

Tatranská Lomnica - železniční stanice  Tatranská Lomnica - železniční stanice

In the greater center, we found a nice park with lots of benches and a small stage, above which rises an architectural gem - Grandhotel Praha. Less attractive is Hotel Lomnica , which is declared a national monument. Near it, there is the Museum of the Tatra National Park, a botanical garden, Hunting Lodge or bobsled for adrenaline enthusiasts. This unusual places, unfortunately, we have not visited for a while.

Tatranská Lomnica – park  Tatranská Lomnica - hotel Lomnica

Tatranská Lomnica – muzeum  Tatranská Lomnica - Myslivecký zámeček

Tourist Tips

Tatranska Lomnica is an ideal starting point for hiking. The fact supporting this argument are not only road signs, but also our experience. Whether you go on Skalnate Pleso (1754 meters), from where you can continue to Tatranska Highway to Hrebienok (1285 meters) or through Velka Svistovka (2037 meters) to Cottage by Zelene Pleso (1550 meters). Everywhere there are waiting for you beautiful views of the landscape below the Tatras. For the less experienced hikers we recommend taking a lift to the second highest peak of the Tatras in Slovakia and to Lomnicky Stit at the same time.

Tatranská Lomnica - info tabule

What we found interesting

At the end of the day we visited another interesting place. It was artificial bobsled , or rather its torso. Once, a 1172 meters long track with an elevation of 94 meters was unique not only in our country but also in Europe. Riders reached speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Today, the site this legendary building is in ruins. In the ruins is a large autocamp as well. There a few years ago they held a variety of events and thus we unfortunately could continue for a long time

Tatranská Lomnica – bobová dráha (v pozadí Grandhotel Praha)

But we do not want end in this pessimistic mood. We have to mention that there is a relatively large golf course and many luxury apartment buildings. Well these "attractions" if you will, were to us very interesting. After a very pleasant walk, we can conclude that Tatranská Lomnica is really a beautiful village with a lot of free-time activities. Definitely worth a visit!

After eating a delicious cookie at the end of the day in a local candy store, we are filled with impressions and experiences. We got back to the car and headed toward the next adventure while exploring the beautiful Slovakia. But that will tall you about it next time .


Source and photo: Oskár Mažgút

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