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River Topľá - Slovakia

spring (source):
The river sources in Čergov Highlands.
flow length:
103 km

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SVK: Bardějov - Museum Of Folk Architecture
heading (paragraph): Sights
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The exposition of folk architecture situated in locality of Bardějov Spa, forming a section of Šariš Museum, was open for public even in 1965. So, it is the oldest skansen in Slovakia. This nature museum is open for public all year round.

You can admire there the buildings of Carpathian type, representing people´s culture as well as the architecture of Slovak and Ruthenian population, living in the territory of Upper Šariš and North Zemplin in 19th and 20th centuries.

Text/foto: O. Kubáčková

SK: Bardějovské lázně (Bardějovské Spa)
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 23 pictures

Bardějov spa are famous for their ten healing springs. Bardějov spas are one of the most popular and, considering number of beds, the largest spa in Slovakia. They also boast being the oldest spas with the longest tradition of service to the public. Empress Elizabeth, known as Sissi, a wife of Emperor Franz-Joseph I enjoyed her stays in spas and there is a statue of her located in the park. Also Joseph II, the Austrian Emperor (1783) stayed there as well as Marie Louise, later wife of Napoleon Bonaparte (1809), Russian Tzar Alexander I etc. Bardějov Spa Days are annualy held in Bardějovské lázně, this year for the tenth time as well as 59th International Music Spring, regular classical music concerts and the Elizabeth's Day on behalf of Empress Sissi. Except these visitors can enjoy flower exhibitions.

Text and photo: Bardějovské lázně a.s.


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