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Places of interest

A Journey To Siberia - Ekaterinbourg
Published: 21.2.2011
If you have the feelings that a winter prevails in our country, you are mistaken. Maybe, everybody from us made a notice about real Russian winter but hardly anybody could imagine the temperatures which drop to thirty degress below zero. And imagine that you are not living in cosy Central Europe but in Far East or in Siberia, in some from great towns of Russia.

Sochi - the town of sun VI.
Published: 19.5.2010
Medical Care and Relax

St. Petersbourg - Russia
Published: 17.5.2010
St. Petersbourg is the second biggest town of Russian Federation, and the greatest town exceeding one million of inhabitants, placed in the North. It is situated in north-west part of Russia, at estuary of Neva-river into Finish Bay, which forms a part of Baltic Sea.

Sochi - the town of sun V.
Published: 15.5.2010
"Tulpannoye derewo" (Lilylike - Tulipblossom): Rayewsky Tree in Golowinka Community.

Sochi - the town of sun IV.
Published: 12.5.2010
How does it look like a place, where Winter Olympic Games will be taken place in 2014?

Sochi - the town of sun III.
Published: 14.4.2010
How does it look like the place, where Olympia Games will be organized?

Sochi - the town of sun II.
Published: 31.3.2010
The World of Plants

Sochi - the town of sun I.
Published: 17.3.2010
„The Town of Sun“, „Magnolia Countryside“, „Pearl at the Seaside“ – all these names belong to famous spa town of Sochi, situated in Russian Federation, Krasnodar Region.

Sakhalin And Curils Islands II.
Published: 16.2.2010
History The ancient and Middle Age history of Sakhalin and Curil Islands are full of mystery. It is not obvious when the first persons came there. The archaeological discoveries of last ten years refer to older stone era.

Sakhalin And Curils Islands I.
Published: 9.2.2010
Curils Islands

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