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General Information

Official name:                     The Republic of Salvador

Capital:                                 San Salvador

Extent:                                  20 688 square kilometres

Population number:          6 587 541

Official language:               Spanish

State organization:            Republic

Main religion:                     Roman Catholics (85%), Protestants (7%)



With its extent of 20 688 square kilometres, Salvador is the smallest state of Central America. The country neighbours with Guatemala (in west), with Honduras (in north and in the east) and the south is bordered with Pacific Ocean.

The territory of Salvador is filled up with twenty-five active volcanos, such as: Santa Ana, San Vicente, San Miguel or Cerro Verde.


In Salvador, there are to be found four official national parks only. Anyway, the tourist have the possibility to visit also private reservations. Notwithstanding extensive soil cultivation, you can meet some original flora. So, close to Costa del Balsamo, you can find some balsam trees, and the mouths of many rivers are covered with mangroves. Anyway, the biggest variety of sorts could be found in Bosque Montecristo and in El Imposible port, and variegated vegetace (flora) could be seen also in Cerro Verde, including mountain pines, fig-trees, agave or brackens.


Rain period in Salvador is lasting since May till October, dry period is since November till April. Maximal temperatures are moving between 30 °C (in November) and 34 °C (in March and April). The lowest temperatures are to be noted in January and February (16 °C during the night) and in March (20 °C). The plainlands along the coasts belong to those most warm ones. San Salvador has, in comparison with the other parts of the county, relatively moderate climate, thanks to its altitude above sea level (680 m), but you will be moisted.


Salvador had more than 6 millions of inhabitants (in 2000). Most of population is formed by half-breeded (90%) - mixture of Spaniards and Indians, followed by Indians (1%), 9% of inhabitants is of European origin. Spanish is an official language. Year inhabitants´ growth is to be estimated to 1,9%, what means, that population of the country will be doubled in 2025. More than one third of persons is younger than 15 years of age, and one third from this number is working, in order to maintain their families.




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