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The stage of general criminality, after civil war in Salvador was terminated in 1992, is relatively high, which is valid, first of all, for capital San Salvador. The pilferages as well as roberries are very frequent, and the tourists are looked up as good objects of such criminal activities. Moreover, the citizens posses big number of amunition and arms for civil war period, and its use is standard during criminal acts. However, the crime activity is becoming worse, especially thanks to operations of so called maras these are organized street young groups doing punishable actions.

So, you are recommended to keep vigilance, when travelling throughout the country, avoid deserted localities and transfers in the night. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that the armed attacks of cars are appearing, especially on roads outside capital, where police presence is unsufficient.

Owing to serious safety situation in the country, we recommend you to keep strictly the basic rules, as follows:

- keep your passport, air-tickets as well as the other important document in hotel safe.

- do travel with sufficient and small cash money only.

- do not wear any jewels, pay attention to valuable subjects, such as: video - or photo-camera,etc.

- would you park always in guarded parking places, and do not leave any things inside the car.

- do not take any hitch-hikers with.

- do order always taxi-service by means of hotel receptionist, do lease motor vehicles at well-known rent office.

- would you travel with health police. Before you leave, check, if security police covers also the territory of Salvador. 

- pay attention to your luggage and bags, containing documents in towns´centre, in hotel lobbies, at bus stops and directly inside buses as well.

The beaches in Salvador are relatively dangerous, although it does not look like from the first view. The sea sides are characteristic with very strong streams, which could carry away imprudent swimmer far from sea banks. So, would you be very carefull, when bathing in the sea.

Further, we wish to recommend you to follow the quality of drinking water (the best way is to drink bottled water) Would you carefully protect against mosquitos, especially at the coast.

Recently, the epidemy of dengue-fewer appeared in Salvador. This epidemy is caused by mosquito thrust of infected individual. The dengue-disease is signed with high temperatures, pain of muscles and knuckles, total tiredness, and even with bleeding, in worse cases.

During stay in virgin forest areas, the vaccination against jaundice A and B type or against yellow fewer are recommended.

Road nest in Salvador is in relatively good stage, nevertheless, do not travel in the night. It is worth to use motor vehicle 4x4, outside main roads.


Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency service:  121

Firemen:                       2711244 / 2712227

Police:                           2225165




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