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Travelling by bus

Inter-city buses are old American school buses, improved with bright colours. However, bus railways are chaotic and dirty, regarding time tables and other information, they are missing. On the other hand, you can find everywhere the office, where somebody is sitting, being able to direct you to the right platform. The buses are circulating quite frequently, all country around, and the fare is very cheap (USD 0,40 USD 3), but the fares are 25% higher during weekend. You can choose from several types of buses:ordinario, especial and super especial. The last two nominated are more expensive bur they are quicker and more comfortable.

Travelling by car

From total road nest of 10000 kms, only 2000 kms of roads has solid surface, moreover, full of wash-outs.The unit price of one galoon of benzine is USD 1,90. You can hear trumpet-call sounds at surpassing or turning aside. The motor vehicle could be rented in capital San Salvador. We wish to recommend to arrange the respective security, owing to the fact that the cars are often robbed.

Documents Necessary

Travelling to Salvador, you need a passport, the validity of which would exceed six months at least, when you leave the country. Travelling by motor vehicle, you are requested for driving licence and documents, regarding car ownership and a Bill of Lading, provided you travel by ship. The citizens of European Union do not need the respective entry visa, provided they travel there for tourist purpose, for time period, not exceeding 90 days. This visa politics came into force on base of C-4 Agreement (Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua). The Republic of Salvador has the Embassy for Central Europe in Germany.

The address is as follows:

Joachim-Karnatz-Allee 47

10557 Berlin

Phone: 00 4930-2064060

Fax: 00 4930-22488244

E-mail: Embasalva.RFA@t-online.de  

No so called announcing obligation is existing. When leaving the country, you are obliged to pay airport-tax amounting to USD 28.




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Important Information:

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