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General Information

Official name:                            The Republic of Singapore

Capital:                                       Singapore

Extent:                                        682,7 km²

Population number:                4 353 893 (2004)

Population density:                 6 222/km² (2005)

Official language:                     English, Chinese, Malayan and Tamil languages

State organization:                  Republic

Main religion:                           Buddhism (42,5%), Taoism (8.5%), Christianity (14,6%), Islam (14,9%), Hinduism (4%), the other religions (0,6%) without any confession (14,8%)

The highest point (peak):      Tin Hill (162 m)



Singapore is situated in South-East Asia and, as an island, is, in its north part, divided from its nearest neoghbour (Malaysia) by Johor, narrow strait. From its south part, the island coasts are washed up with Singapore Strait. So, except its „main island“, the territory is formed with next 59 small islands. The whole state is divided into five administrative areas (North-East District, North-West, South-East, South-West and Central, each with its own municipality). Each area is managed with so called „Community Development Council“, with a Mayor as a leader.


In past, all Singapore area was covered with rain virgin forests (only a small rest remained since that time), presenting Bukit Timah nature reservation, including several coastal parts of the island at present. However, many local sorts of animals died out. Despite this fact, there are to be met there reptils, frogs, makak-monkeys, squirrels, snakes and more than 300 sorts of birds. National parks of South-East Asia become quite important phenomenon, although most of them is not on such organized level as those parks in Europe or America. In general, the Singapore is meeting (in the same way as all neighbouring countries) with a problem of maintaining and protection of life environment, which is establishing as a consequence of quickly developping economy as well as increasing population number.


The climate of Singapore has tropical character. Thanks to close proximity of Equator,very hot and warm weather is prevailing all year round. So, rather stabil weather is dominating, with minimal temperature oscillations. So, the air temperature does not drop below 20 °C even during the night, and mostly it is moving around 30 °C. Singapore is rich on precipitations, its year total makes up to 2400 mm. The rains are short but very heavy and violent.


All confessed religions in Singapore are a rebound of multi-cultural composition of local population. The Chinese, confessing Buddhism, represent most populated culture. The Islam is central point for Malaysians, whereas Hindu religion is preferred for Indians. In Singapore, you can also find the Christians, but with rather small community. Owing to multi-language character of population, very numerous festivals and various solemny events are organized in the country all year round.




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