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Singapore is a safe territory for foreigners. The visitors from abroad become no subject of increased interest of local persons. You can move and walk along the streets during day and night, and a risk of pilferages or attacks is lower as in Europe.
Nevertheless, while staying in Singapore, you are obliged to respect all prohibitions and limitations, valid there. Singapore is very well-known with such restrictions.
So, customs prescriptions do not permit the importation of drugs and other narcotizing stoffs, chewing-gums, erotic goods of any character, meat products, lighters, imitating weapons, cigarettes (except minimal quantity for own use), chewing tobacco and other imitations of products coming from tobacco industry, alcohol drinks (it is permitted to import one liter of liquours-distillates only), weapons (including so called shooting knives), petards (fog-signals), copies of books, video-casettes, compact discs and other products, undergoing a law for protection of spiritual property.
The detailed information, regarding import of goods for tourists, is to be found in web-sites, such as: http://www.customs.gov.sg, section “Travellers“.
The respective information for businessmen, regarding survey of controlled as well as prohibited subjects, could be found in web-sites: http://www.tradenet.gov.sg, section „Import/Export“.
Provided Singapore laws would be broken, the offenders are menacing, except body punishments, also for jails (prison), and for smuggling of even small quantity of drugs (15 g of heroin), the offenders could be even sentenced to death.
Important Phone Numbers:
Emergency service and firemen: 995
Health service:                    6311, 1111, 6321 4311




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