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Slovakia: Safely To The Mountains VII. - Small And Big Fatra

Published: 27.2.2012
More than six weeks, we have to you - our readers, bringing a series on safety in the mountains. Today, this series of these articles finishing. In the final part we will tell you what kind of risk you could meet on Small and Big Fatra in the summer time.

The majority of sidewalks in the mountains of Small and Big Fatra form alumina surface. Only in the highest parts of Rozsutec, Ostrá (Sharp) and Jánošíkovy diery (Jánošík holes) occurs also the rocky terrain.

In case of rain occurs just at the oxide surface to a significant softening and thus substantially reduce grip shoes. Therefore, there is necessary exercise caution when crossing a slippery surface, especially if they are steep. We must count also with the fact that these glide paths persists for several hours after rain. However, if the rain continues, but rather strengthens and brings with him storm activity, we should quickly descend from the ridge areas. Due to the little rugged terrain and a grass surface in these mountains, one can act as a lightning rod on the ridge of the roof. Probability of human intervention is reduced by lightning in places where the pavement through wooded sections, then parts of the valley in the mountains. If the slope failure is not possible, it is important to the encounter with the search for a suitable storm shelter, but in no case under tall trees or their isolated groups. If there is nowhere to hide, you better get wet somewhere on the pavement lower the ridge, out of large trees.

Much less of risk than rain or storms, is a fog. Given the nature of the pavements in these mountains and their unique routing does not present a risk of loss of orientation. If the fog does not change the intensity of the strong winds, probably will be a low cloudiness, which is a harbinger of worsening weather. Under these weather conditions it is necessary to stop a hike and come back, if possible exit route.

When there is getting dark is usually possible action if it is a clear sky with no moon, but if we move along the ridge respectively unwooded sections. In the deep forest is already difficult process, because on the sidewalk awaiting us various obstacles such as streams, rock grade, fallen trees. So, emergency overnight accommodation is necessary. If you still decide to stay overnight, we will use flat terrain broader ridges, or flat grassy meadows. In case of favourable weather conditions, the overnight stay "open air", only on groundsheet and in sleeping bag. The position of the tent will use only as a last resort, because in nature leaves the biggest tracks.

During hot summer days, the summit areas unwooded ridges may have a negative effect on us also the hot. This can finish by overheating and dehydration. Therefore you can´t forget the drinks and more frequent breaks in the shade. If we have around no ledges and trees, can make shade from the clothes easily.

We hope you like our series about the safety on the mountains, and that appealed to you the kind of tool for acquiring knowledge of safety and movement in the mountains.

Text: Oskár Mažgút
Source and photo: hory.sk

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