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Carving bend

Published: 27.1.2008
This bending-style started to be used immediately when it became a fashion the common use of carving ski, as this bending style is just suitable and predestinated. for it. So, the dragged bending, used in case of classical old skies, was substituted.

Carving ski has its radius (cutting out) and especially this fact is used in carving bend. Carving bend is a drive on ski-corners (edges), it is so called cut-bend with a minimum of skid, in ideal case without a skid at all. Your legs are distant at shoulders width, with a weight placed moderately ahead (we push wish our shinbones to tongues of our ski-boots). We start the bend from ski-tip, which cuts as a first. We load the external and its internal corner (edge). We execute this with successive knees-and pelvis setting  into bend, so with moderate squat with knees directed to a slope. The loading is approx. 60% on external ski and approx. 40% on internal ski.

The drive in bending: your body, knees as well as pelvis are inclined to a bend, the ski drives along both corners, according to the speed, closed bending and a slope. The pressure is displayed on ski. The bigger speed we develop and  more closer is the curve, the bigger pressure we feel to the lower ski. The driving out of bending happens by weight-transfer back over ski without a skid, the weight is transferring to the other part, for starting of further bend.

We recommend you to start with short ski („Snow Blade“). Your pelvis as well as knees must be inclined to a moment when the ski overturns to corners. The bigger is a pressure to internal corners, the closer – i.e. shorter bend - is to be made. And just in this moment the ski bend  on one´s own. – i.e.according to ski-radius. It is not necessary to use your sticks while starting the bends. The ski does not miss its contact with a snow, they are placed always on edges. Carving bend is not braking and you are able to accelerate.

Attention! carving drive cannot be always the drive with carving ski. It is, first of all, a drive-style on corners (edges) with weight-body changing- so presented in very simple form.

Text: Pavel Faustus


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