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How to crush the railning on ski

Published: 22.2.2008
Jibbing is a drive on railings, various boxes and similar obstacles. We recommend to beginners, to start your activity on low boxes (it will have bigger stability) as on round rail. The boxes have its width of 30 cm approx.

Do you have in the snowpark your dreamed obstacle, do you wish to overcome it? Well, provided you would like to enter into jibbing elite, you have to start driving. Anyway, before you do it, would you settle your helmet and backbone-protection.

As a start – it is good that a raid to the obstacle could be placed on the same level as the obstacle itself. You start driving with appropriate speed, in order to enter on the box  and not to be stopped on rebound. If you have the suitable speed – you are on the box. The box will be crossed straight, you have to accustome to a fact that the ski slow down a little and we twitch for a moment. Try to keep your weight above middle of your feet at the same way as drive on ski-descent line. If you drove slowly, you remain stopped in the middle of a box, not knowing, what to do. This is rather foolish situation, and it occures to you that you have to drive more faster for the next time.

Second variant – you drove on a box too fast and fly two meters behind its end, you do not know, how you did so. This has an effect, but we have to drive more slowly from the beginning. If you drive in standard way and regularly jump down to fall, you are not more jibber beginner. In such manner, try to cross the box several times, in order to obtain the feeling for the matter. Try to jump on the box from rebound and, at its edge to rebound and jump down. Attention – your legs could go off at this manoeuvre – it is not the same rebound as in case of classical snow.

If you have trained enough this operation, try to drive aside. Anyway, you have to know at first, in which manner you overcome the obstacle. There are two possibilities available: drive with right or left leg ahead. Provided you know how to do it, would you drive, just in proved speed, on a box. At the very beginning, drive in obliquely way, and drive down in a middle approx. You do it so, in order to try (prove) how the oblique drive would be effected.

So, drive straight against the obstacle, jump and turn in 90 degrees. You have to know, however, to which side you have to turn, if to the left, or to the right. Now, you are aside on an obstacle and try to go at its end. The end is to be followed with your eyesight, your body, from your waist upstairs, is winded up in way-direction. The ski is on your shoulders width, try not to edge, otherwise you fall down. Rebound at the end of a box and jump down, mind your speed  (attention at your speed) as – if you drive in an improper way, you fall down from a box. Further, you have to be aware of a fact that you jumped and turned in 90 degrees, so, in order to jump down safely and to be withdrawn from the obstacle, you need to turn in 90 degrees again.

There are two variants: we turn in such a way that we fall down with front in way-direction or back, it is upon you. That´s all. Keep attention to one thing, the boxes can slide (i.e. drive in various speeds). Nevertheless, it is valid that, provided the obstacle does not slide, would you cover it with a snow, this becames more faster (quicker). In general, it is valid that wooden boxes are more slow (ski-edges cut in it).

The proceedings described above are valid also for rails, the movements along these are made always aside. Anyway, if you are able to cross it straight, send a photo to ski-company, you receive prize-money! However, would you calculate with a fact that on rails your stability is worse to be kept. Further problem – you descend across points or heels from the very beginning. You avoid this situation, jumping the rail so, in order to have the obstacle in the middle of your ski-boots. Provided it happens to you that you start to run away on points, bend forward, if you run away on heels, you have to be leaned out and squatted. Provided you will be successfull in this movement, you can jump in various rotations, even in saults, and successively jump down.

We wish you a lot of pleasure while jibbing, enjoy your attempts!  Hurrah to Freeskiing!

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