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Lower Austria: Where to Ski?

Published: 27.12.2017
Lower Austria's ski resort are situated near from Bratislava. People who love skiing and winter sports may enjoy several ski resorts, 200 kilometers of ski slopes, and about 100 ski tows.

You don't have to travel anyway far to enjoy skiing. Lower Austria features both large and small ski resorts, large cross-country track network, winter funparks, top-quality ski schools, and family mountain cabins.

Lower Austria - (c) Wiener Alpen/Franz Zwickl

Thanks to various activities in snow and proximity of Lower Austria the region is very attractive for tourists as well as short-term holidaymakers. Things on offer are of wide diversity, and everyone will enjoy winter here. Lower Austria features 24 ski resorts. Ask about Ostalpen-Card there which gives you interesting sales and offers.

Ski Resorts for Everybody

Annaberg - (c) Martin Fülöp

Schneeberg - (c) Wiener Alpen/Martin Fülöp   St. Corona am Wechsel - (c) NÖBBG/ Martin Fülöp

Resorts in Annaberg and Lackenhof am Ötscher, Mostviertel region focus on little skiers. Family resort in Annaberg starts a new family park and ski-cross compound which opens a new trail. The Vienna Alps is a region great for entire family especially the resorts Familienskiland St. Corona am Wechsel, Puchberg am Schneeberg, and  Schischaukel Mönichkirchen-Mariensee. Hochkar in Göstling an der Ybbs, Gemeindealpe Mitterbach, Zauberberg Semmering, and  resorts are more sports and adrenaline oriented

Morning Skiing in the Guga Hö Mountains in the Mostviertel  Region

Annaberg - (c) Niederösterreich-Werbung/schwarz-koenig.at

If you wake up early, you may experience great moments in the Mostviertel region. The  Guga Hö is a name of a morning activity and ski experience. This peculiar name comes from a Mostviertel dialect which means "vigilant". It is truly exclusive ski activty which includes brunch at a mountain cabin. This morning activity happens about 10 times every year.

Paradise in Nature for Cross-Country Skiers

Hochkar - (c) Alexander Kaiser

Cross-country skiers may experience exceptional conditions in Lower Austria as well.  The entire cross-country track network is up to 800 kilometers long, which is the distance between Bratislava, Slovakia and Bucharest, Romania. This network covers the regions Waldviertel, Mostviertel, and the Vienna Alps. Tracks are superbly maintained and also good for in-line skaters.

Adrenaline for Snowboarders and Freestylers

Mönichkirchen-Mariensee - (c) Wiener Alpen/Ziegler

Snowboarders and freestylers of different skill set can enjoy themselves to the fullest in Lower Austria's funparks and freeride centers ​. The terrain there is just the perfect one to enjoy some great fun. TOP centers include Funpark Schischaukel Mönichkirchen-Mariensee, Split-Park Semmering, Gemeindealpe Mitterbach, Snowpark Gemeindealpe Mitterbach, Funpark Hochkar, and Freeride Zentrum Ost am Hochkar.

Schneeberg - (c) Schneebergbahn

Funparks and freeride centers offer diferent types of rails, steep curves, many obstacles, boxes, and jumps. Many are illuminated along the way and are availeble at day as well as at night.

Gemeindealpe - (c) NÖVOG/Zwickl   Rax - (c) Wiener Alpen/Claudia Ziegler

Thanks to diverse slopes, Lower Austria is the best place in winter to experience sporting activities and relax. Hence, don't wait any longer to go there and enjoy some fun, and sport!


Source: Lower Austria

Photos: (c) Niederösterreich-Werbung / Alexander Kaiser (úvodní), (c) při fotografiích

Edited by : Infoglobe editorial staff

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