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Places of interest

Spišská Kapitula
Published: 3.2.2010
The area of Spis Region offers really numerous quantity of attractive places, where curious visitors could always discover something new, the photographers could get their topics for attractive sceneries, and your free time could be spent with standard Sunday walks. So, to one of such interesting places belongs also Spisska Kapitula, a monument registered in UNESCO World Heritage Survey.

High Tatra Mountains: All Faces Of Nature - VIDEO
Published: 16.12.2009
Beauty and pain, this is an actual picture of highest Slovakian mountains. The gale which run about across Tatra Mountains, cut its non-effaced message into this well-known countryside.

Rock Labyrinth Tisá Walls
Published: 7.11.2009
Sandstone massif of Tisá Walls is placed at the edge of Labe (Elbe) Sandstone Walls in North Bohemia and reaches the altitude of 613 metres above sea level. Despite this fact, the walk is quite pleasant, you are not forced to overcome the hills or climb over the rocks, provided you omit last mounting of the section where you started your excursion.

Published: 23.9.2009
Žilina is the fifth greatest town of Slovakia. The town is placed at mouth of Váh and Kysuca rivers, in north-west part of the country, on crossroads of merchant ways, surrounded with crowns of mountains. The town has quite great importance from touristic point of view.

Published: 4.3.2009
The town of Prešov (Prjashev in Rutherian, Preschau in German or Eperjes in Hungarian language) is located in East Slovakia and it is a capital of Prešov Autonomy Region.

SR: Velký Javorník (Great Javornik)
Published: 21.2.2009
Velký Javorník is the highest peak of Javorníky Mountain Range. It is located nearly in it's centre in geomorphological complex Vysoké Javorníky in its main range.

Likava castle
Published: 10.2.2009
Likava castle is located on north-west edge of Liptov Region. First notice comes from 14th century, when the castle was established, in order to protect a passage across Váh-river with an important merchant way, leading from Pováží Region to Orava and into Poland.

Malá Studená dolina (Small Cold Valley)
Published: 18.3.2008
If you will be pleased to make an excursion in mountains and you do not prefer to visit the Alps, would you visit some of natural beauties of Vysoké Tatry (Giant Tatra) in Slovakia. The climbing through Malá Studená dolina (Small Cold Valley) up to Téry Chalet is very popular. It cannot be your final target, of course.

Slovakia - Ďumbier and Low Tatra
Published: 4.3.2008
Ďumbier is situated on main range of Low Tatra Mountains - as its highest point (2043 m) - between Krúpova Hola (1927 m) and Králička (1785 m). On its northern part there are walls of 500 m height, falling to glacier kettlers at the end of Bystrá and Ludarova Valley.

Travelimg to High Tatra with car on board
Published: 13.2.2008
Travelling by train with car on board brings modern, comfortable and popular way of travelling when together with passengers, the cars are transported in train at the same time. While you have asleep in coupe of sleeping-carriage, the train will transport you to Slovak mountains where you do not worry about the local snow conditions.

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