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Owing to non-finished civil war in the country, some north parts of the island are inaccessible for foreigners. On the other hand, central and south parts of Sri Lanka are relatively safe. As the least risk placesare concerned, there are littoral holiday resorts, in south direction from Colombo, the centre of the island, as well as historical towns of Polonaruwa, Sygirya and Anuradhapura. Nevertheless, you are recommended to follow carefully the development of internal and military situation of Sri Lanka in the newspapers ir in TV relations. In bigger towns, and especially in Colombo, there is a threat of danger of terrorist attacks against government representatives and buildings.

You are recommended, during your stay period in Sri Lanka, to use anti-malaria medicines. Further, you would be vaccinated against typhoid, tetanus, infantile paralysis, meninghitidis, Japan encephalitide, hepatitide type A, hydrophobia, smallpox, cholera and yellow fever. You have to take into account  possible stomach problems after arrival and change to eating of local foods and meals. Complete aclimatization requires two weeks at least. During such time period, you can feel tired or you can feel apathetic and you can suffer from headache. You need to dring the liquids in bigger quantity, in order your body (organism) would not be dehydratated.

Further, you are recommended to applicate repelents against insects or to use electric repelents in the rooms. Eventuel stings from insects would well disappear, when you spread the spot with local ointments (such as: Cetrimide, Crotamiton, Malathion, etc.). Against sun-rays, you would protect with suitable head-dress or to stay in a shadow. You are recommended to use sun-burnt cremes with higher protective factor-scale.

The other recommandation and useful information:

- provided you apply for vis prolongation, you are obliged to prove your expenses, relating to

  USD 30 per a day

- the post offices are open on Mondays-Fridays, some of them even on Saturdays, head

 post office in Colombo is open non-stop

- regarding phone calls: the hotels charge sometimes three time higher expenses as standard


- the best time period for stay in Sri Lanka is: since January till the beginning of March,

  the temperatur is nearly on the same level all year round.

- nacked bathing and swimming are not permitted in Sri Lanka.


Actual information are available in internet web-pages, as follows:

http://www.mzv.cz/newdelhi/en/index.html section Visa and consular Information.


Important Phone Numbers:  

Police:                           01 - 433333

First aid-emergency: 01 - 422222

Firemen:                       01 - 422222


Sri Lanka


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