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Travelling by plane

The only regular internal flight is operating on route Jaffna-Colombo. You can choose between flight companies of Aerolinka and Expo Aviation, which connect these towns.

Travelling by bus

The bus lines cover approx. 80% from total 90000 of roads of the island. Two sorts of buses are circulating there: State Central Transport Board (CBT). You can recognize it according to its yellow colour shade, and those private - they are air-conditioned and could be recommended, provided you travel for longer distances. Nevertheless, you have to calculate with double price, making comparison with CBT. So, a route between the towns of Colombo and Kataragama costs RS 146 approx., whereas private „Intercity“ costs RS 280 approx.

Travelling by car or by motorcycle

If you decide to rent a car, it is a standard way to pay also for local driver (especially during long stays) The taxi drivers fulfill often such tasks. The unit prices for lease a car with a driver move among RS 2500-3000 plus costs for petrol. On the other hand, a motorcycle is, owing to relatively short distances in the island, quite suitable choice. Maximal allowed speed in localities is 56 kms/h and 72 kms/h outside these areas. The traffic is effected on left side of the road.

Travelling by train

The travelling by train could be taken for more comfortable as travelling by bus, despite the fact that the drive is rather slow. Three classes are to be distinguished, such as: 3rd class is cheap, overcrowded and dirty. 2nd class offers upholstered seats and ventilators.1st class is air -conditioned and offers separated compartements, where you can offer something to eat. As an example: a trip from Kandy to Colombo in 1st class costs RS 250 in 2nd class RS 125.

Necessary Documents

Travelling to Sri Lanka, you need a passport, the validity of which exceeds at least two months of required entry visa validity. The passengers who are arriving to Sri Lanka from endemic areas of appearance of yellow fewer (mostly from Africa) the international vaccination certification is required, confirming the respective fact of vaccination.

Nevertheless, we wish to recommend you, on this occasion, to check in advance, before you leave, at Sri Lanka Embassy abroad, whether the conditions for entry and stay did noz changed in the meantime.

The respective tourist visa is granted to citizens of European Union free of charge, directly at arrival to Sri Lanka at the airport. Anyway, the passenger is obliged to prove that his accommodation in the country is secured (hotel reservation and sufficient quantity of financial means, in minimal amount of USD 30 per one person and a day).

The visa is issued for one entry for time period of 30 days.

In case you need to travel to Sri Lanka for any other that tourist purpose, you are asked to require at Embassy in Vienna (address: Rainergasse 1/2/5, Vienna 1040)

The visa prolongation could be applied for, after prior registration, at: Aliens Bureau, Ground Floor, New Secretariat Building, Colombo or Sri Lanka Immigration Office - Department of immigration and Emmigration, Galle Buck Road, Colombo (phone 00-941-29851). If you need that your visa would be prolonged, you are obliged to prove the expenses of USD 30 per a day.

At present. you can travel to Sri Lanka by plane only.

On arrival, you need to fill in the respective Immigration Landing Card.

However, the entry into areas, the borders of which are moving in accordance with the development of fighting line, the tourists do not have the permission to enter. Anyway, the situation in north part of the island became more calm, nevertheless, the entry is regulated with police and army units.

When your stay exceed more than 30 days, you are obliged, at the same time with presentation of visa-prolongation, to ask for the registartion at Aliens bureau, Ground Floor, New Secretariat Building, Colombo.


Sri Lanka


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