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Places of interest

Switzerland, Engelberg: Life in Switzerland and Monastic Cheese – VIDEO
Published: 5.2.2013
We arrived in a great style – in a carriage - at a Benedictine monastery, in Titlis Valley, that stands there since 1120 stands there since. On a carriage there was a young Czech woman that tries to earn some money in Switzerland.

Switzerland, Engelberg: Mt. Titlis and the Life Beneath It – VIDEO
Published: 29.1.2013
Engelberg, Angel’s Peak, is a cozy alpine town located right in the center of Switzerland, in the Canton of Obwalden. Switzerland has 25 more cantons, or rather regions, that are autonomous.

Switzerland – A Tempting Country for Vacation
Published: 23.11.2012
So here she is, Lady Winter. The temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius, you can find snow even in lower attitudes, and on roads are snowdrifts. These things occur every single year. If you hadn’t thought where to spend your winter vacation yet, maybe toady you will search for some interesting ski vacation in the Alps.

Switzerland: Zurich - City Of Bankers - VIDEO
Published: 26.10.2011
Zurich means for tourists primarily city of Limmat River and slightly high, but more beautiful historic centre. But for the Swiss is primarily of financial capital across the country. If Zurich fell down, and would fell the all Swiss economy, almost as famous as their watches.

Switzerland: Below Jungfrau Peak
Published: 5.9.2011
If you decide, visiting Switzerland, to travel to Jungfrau Peak, so, would you take in mind that you need favourable weather conditions and enough time for your trip. Let´s start our journey with Swiss Railways to the highest placed railway station of the Europe!

Switzerland: Zurich With A Touch Of Old Time - VIDEO
Published: 26.8.2011
Swiss Zurich is not only a very cosmopolitan city where everyone feels really like at home, but also an area that the history can touch you very intensively. This is true despite the fact that most sites you can see not in one day, but few hours. Despite this the people remains on their memory, which are hardly deletes from the head.

Galcier Express - Switzerland
Published: 18.4.2010
Glacier Railway Line is legendary railway in Switzerland. From tourist point of view, it is very attractive railway connection, from the town of St. Moritz, placed in an altitude of 1775 metres above sea level, across mountains and valleys of Swiss Alps up to 291 kms distant town of Zermatt, placed in an altitude of 10635 metres above sea level.

Published: 17.9.2009
Bern is a capital of Switzerland as well as Bern Canton at the same time. The town is situated on 40 metres high sandstone headland over Aare-river. Historical town has 130000 inhabitants but in town of Bern, including suburbs, there are living approx. 350000 persons altogether.

St. Gotthard tunnel
Published: 12.7.2009
Immediately, when the clouds of dust put down after last detonation of safe gallery of St. Gotthard's Tunnel, groups of workers from both parts of rocky clefts begun to cry with enthusiasm: on 26th March 1976, there was successfully terminated, after many years of difficult works, last section of longest road tunnel of the world, at that time.

Chapel bridge in Luzern
Published: 26.9.2008
This oldest wooden bridge in Europe served also as town´s fortification. Today, it is place of interest No. 1 in Swiss town of Luzern.

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