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Traffic means in Thailand are similar as in the other countries, such as: the travelling is possible by plane, by bus, by train, by car, by bicycle or by ship or, eventually by means of Thai local traffic - by rickshaw.

Travelling by plain

As far as the arrival to Thailand is concerned, some companies are flying directly there, so that no change would be necessary. From Europe, the flights could take from 13 up to 19 hours. In Thailand, there are four international airports, such as: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Hat Yai. The internal flights are effected by Thai Airway International and Bangkok Airways.

Travelling by bus

Bus transport in Thailand is on quite good level. You can meet standard as well as air -conditioned buses (let mostly by private companies). Nevertheless, state buses are, in general, more reliable and more safe.

Travelling by train

Local trains are rather slow as buses, but they are comfortable, punctual and rather cheap. Night trains are very useful, if you decide to travel to some more remote locality, and you have the possibility to sleep during the journey.

Regarding unit prices: (including surcharge for a bed) cost a little more than travelling by bus. Taking long-chair, you can save the costs for bus, including one night in hotel. The trains have, in comparison with buses, another advantage: they are safer and you have more space for motion. Only the boarding, which is served in trains, is rather expensive (to local relations), so that your own food supplies are worth to be taken with.

Travelling by car and by bicycle

The foreigners who drive motor vehicle in Thailand must have valid international driving licence available.

In Bangkok and other big cities, you can rent a car, 4 WD or small lorry. From financial point of view, the types of 4 WD - i.e. Suzuki Caribian, for instance - seem to be as most advantageous. Nevertheless, would you always check that the vehicle has its obligatory certificate available.

Travelling by bicycle is very popular way of transfer in Thailand. The bicycles  are  leased but you can buy it as well (new and as a second hand machine) and you can sell it again in a moment of your departure. The unit price for rent moves around THB 150 - 200 per a day.

The motor-cycle with stronger cubature (250 cm³) cost THB 500.

Travelling by ship

You can travel by ship along local numerous Thai rivers or in the sea.

Documents necessary

The holders of passports from European Union countries, must have marked the visa stamp in their documents. You can get it at Consular Section of Thai Embassy abroad, or directly at arrival to Bankgok Airport.

The permitted time period (but not visa validity!) is marked by Passport Officer, when you enter the territory of Thailand (in case of European passengers, it is effected on the airport).

Provided your stay in Thailand will be pass over, the Thai Authorities will fine you with a penalty of THB 500 and more, up to maximal penalty amount relating to THB 20000.

Provided you  exceed this period or do not pay a penalty, you could be arrested and expelled from the country, as a consequence (after you will be forced to pay the penalty and buy return fly-tickets, for your own expenses).

Provided you have valid tourist visa, your permitted stay in the country is limited for 30 days. Your stay could be prolonged for a fee relating to THB 1900, and it could be effected twice as a maximum term.

Entry visa, granted on arrival („On Arrival Visa“) are valid for fortnight and could not be prolonged (only in case of ecceptional events¨- such as: stay in hospital, etc.). The application for entry visa is executed in extra working place of Thailand Passport Office, in transit of the airport, while waiting, and this operation costs THB 1000. You need to fill the respective form, add two photos (passport dimensions). The photos could be got in self-service photoshops, being available in airport spaces.




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