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The Bahamas is rather difficult country for tourists, from financial point of view. The accommodation in hotel is moving from USD 80 per person and night, and more, and for the boarding you pay minimally USD 15 for food. We recommend you to drink bottled water only. No vaccination against infection diseases is required.

The traffic is effected according to British rules, i.e. drive on left side of the road, and increased attention would be presented on rounder-bounds. The tourists can use driving licence of their country up to three months of their stay in Bahams.

Nevertheless, you are recommended, not to walk alone outside main hotels, tourist areas, beaches and outside Nassau city centre, especially after dusk. In case of plundering attack, you are recommended not to offer resistance, as most of aggressors could be armed. The greatest criminality is appearing in main islands of New Providence and Grand Bahama, the other islands are relatively safe. On the other hand, it is suitable to be protected against intensive sun rays. Also some sea animals could be dangerous, mainly jelly-fish.

As far as the situation regarding dengue-fewer is concerned, this could be taken for stabilized. Anyway, do not underestimate this disease, and in case of increased temperature and aggravation of yout health stage, you would consult the doctor as soon as possible. The information regarding dengue could be found in internet web pages of World Health Organisation: www.who.int/topics/dengue/en/. The dengue is acute fewer disease of virus origin, with some symptoms of influenza.

The infection is spreaded by means of mosquito stab. As a preventive measure, it is application of repelents and mosquito nests. However, some effective vaccination does not exist, for the time being.

In Bahamas and in all Carribean Area, you can expect increased danger of hurricans. The hurricans appear during time period since July till November.

In Cuba, there is existing a functional system for following of existence tropical cyclones, including protection of population, and tourists from abroad, joined to this fact. In case of such danger, you are obliged to follow the instructions and requirements of Rescue Safety System.

Nevertheless, the ability of this Rescue System could be more complicated with a fact that Bahamas is a group of islands. In case of individual tourist trips, you are recommended to check the traffic accessibility as well as traffic connections among the islands, in advance, before you leave.

More information (in English) could be found on the following web-pages:




Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency service:  322-2221

Police:                          919


The Bahamas


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