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In connection with possible appearance of so called birds´ influence in South Corea, we wish to recommend all citizens travelling there, to take care of higher cautioussness and keep consistently all hygienic rules. So, it is not recommended, in any case, the consumption of thermically unsufficient worked up poultry meat or eggs or the visits of poultry works, farms or birds´ markets. Further, you would avoid all contacts with dead animals.

The criminality in the country is relatively low. The foreigners are accepted usually in friendly way, sometimes with an extraordinary interest as unusual phenolmenon. The cases of aggression against foreigners are exceptional. However, the respective communication in English or any other European languages could be rather difficult, even the persons of middle or younger generation, who finished their courses of English, have problems with practical use of such language. So, it is available, for such reasons, phone translating service, free of charge, in order the communication with taxi-drivers, in shops or in any other standard situations could be enabled.

So called social hierarchy belongs to local specific situations. It is an authority and respect towards elder persons and to men especially. The persons greet themselves with a curtsy and by means of hand-shaking. Nevertheless, Corean women do not do hand-shaking by herselves. The use of titles is very important. It is very polite to give or accept the subjects (as visit-cards, for instance) with both hands. However, loud nose blowing could be very indecent.

Transport nest is very developped. Travelling by bus or by train is very comfortable and relatively cheap. However, owing to frequent traffic jams, it is not too comfortable to use rented car for travelling. On the other hand, Seoul has extended and well marked underground - and bus system.

International payment banking cards are accepted everywhere, even in small shops, too, and you can use it for payment of small amounts, too. Price level in South Corea is comparable with those of West countries. The excess local currency could be exchanged for USD or EUR at the airport in a moment, when you leave the country.


Important Phone Numbers:

Ambulance and firemen: 119

Police: 112 or 113




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