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Cyprus, Protaras – Once a Fishermens’ Village, Today A Popular Tourist Destination

Published: 17.6.2022
Few days before our vacation we still had no plan where to go. Our funds were limited, thus we thought really carefully about some affordable accommodation, fun and night life. We wanted to design it that it wouldn’t ruin us. Seemingly, distant Cyprus is not a good choice, but the opposite was true.

Traditionally, we didn’t travel with some travel agency but on our own. The cheapest tickets to the international airport at Larnaca, Cyprus needed us to fly from Krakow. However, this didn’t discourage us for we have a friend there and we could sleep over at her place for a few days. We meet her regularly. One time she visit us in Bratislava for several days, other time we go to Krakow. Or we just meet in the middle in some mountains where we go on a trek together. We immediately called her and asked her if the date of our vacation suits her. Few days later we packed our baggage and set out.

A stop in beautiful Krakow

Three days were absolutely delightful. Well, Krakow is one of the most beautiful Polish cities. I even dare to say, that Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (you can look at Krakow’s photogallery HERE). I pleasant meeting with a friend, long talks and nice time spent in Krakos’s pubs was very short and we packed our luggage again.
At Krakow’s airport we met our friends from eastern Slovakia. We meet rarely in the course of year for the distance separating us, so we were glad we had a chance to spent a vacation on Cyprus together.

Protaras – Tourists’ Paradise

Several hours later we found ourselves in Larnaca. While still at home we booked accommodation on the Internet. It was an air-conditioned apartment with two bedrooms, a kitchen, large bathroom, terrace and foldaway chair. All for 5 persons. All of this for a reasonable price. However, our accommodation was waiting for us in Protaras, a city about 45 kilometers away. For there were five of us we decided to rent a small car for the whole length of our vacation. It was a good decision. It was cheap to rent a car for five people and we had an option to travel wherever and whenever we wanted.
Protaras was, like the most popular and most visited summer resort of Ayia Napa , just a fishermen village on southeastern island. It welcomed us with a beautiful sunset and very warm sea. We ran to swim in it right we got our keys and changed to swimsuits. In last 35 years, Protaras changed to a popular tourist summer resort that offers complex facilities in every price variation. Unlike Ayia Napa there is no problem to find a free apartment for a reasonable price even in the height of the summer season.
We really enjoyed the whole vacation. Weather was delightful. Well, Cyprus is well-known that it lures tourists for its island climate, it boasts with more than 300 sunny days every year . The tourist season on Cyprus is one of the longest within the whole Mediterranean area .
The whole Protaras area is decorated with beautiful golden sand beaches, blue sea and beautiful natural sceneries. Even there are numerous possibilities where to go on a trip, or various kinds of water sports and attractions tickets to which you can buy right on the beach. By our car we moved to near aqua park where we spent the whole day having fun on helter-skelters and other water attractions. Also, we spent half-a-day on a cruise as well as bathing and sliding to the sea right form the board. We also didn’t miss two hour long cruise in a boat that had glassy windows on the lower deck, thus we felt like we were in a submarine for a while. Protaras also boast with one of Cyprus’ most beautiful beaches called the Fig Tree Beach, from this beach you have a magnificent view of Fig Tree Bay. Another signature of Protaras is a number of wind mills around it. About ten minutes from Protaras is Cape Greco, one of the most beautiful places on Cyprus
 Protaras – koupání na odlehlé plážiNedaleký aguaparkProtaras – beach
Even in the evenings one doesn’t get bored. Beautiful bars right on th beach, still overcrowded avenue in the center of the city, nice restaurants which offer meals based on traditions of the Greece cuisine and the Turkish cuisine, completed by the Italian cuisine’s influence. This is ensurance of great gastronomic experience or just great glass of wine. Among the most popular local dishes is grilled cheese halloumi, served together with fresh vegetables, herbs and bread. You must just taste it. Its delicious! If you prefer night life, I recommend you near Ayia Napa. There you may find discos and bars opened almost nonstop.
  Protaras – cestou ke kostelíku na kopciKostelík na kopci je otevřený nonstop
We returned from Cyprus refreshed and beautifully bronzed. Since we managed to find a cozy apartment with a kitchen and a wonderful terrace equipped with a grill near a beach, we spent most of our vacation funds on fun and trips. A vacation on Cyprus wouldn’t necessarily devastate your banking account. If you still don’t know where to spend your summer recreation, I can sincerely recommend you Cyprus.


GPS: 35°00'42.6"N 34°03'32.6"E

Text and photo: O. Maňáková

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