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Big air

Published: 12.2.2008
Big air is one of young freeskiing disciplines. It is jumping (flipping) on big snow jump and execution of various tricks. Jump-tallness is stipulated by so called "table" – it is a level between rebound and fall.

Jump-tallness depends on „table-length“. So, provided you wish to reach a desired height and fly-length, this depends on enter-speed. Your rebound would be regular radius without violent curving. Radius is dependent on its height (size). It means that – if you make high jump or long jump. The more the skier jumps (less radius), the higher he flies in the air. The fall-surface would be wide, long and sufficiently violent, in order to muffle your jumping distance. Provided the surface would be small or narrow, there would be a danger that you do not hit or even fly over.

Further obstacle, used for jumps, there is so called „corner“. It is enormous roof-formed snow-mass with enter radius at the beginning. This corner is mostly leaping off aside - or - it is possible to fly it over from one side to the other, in such case would you be prepared for a big portion of adrenalin-tension and longer period spent in the air. Provided you wish to start to jump on big air, would you choose lower jump at first.

It is important to learn straight jumping, master your body and ski while flying and learn to fall safely at jumping distance. So, try to „wrack up“ at the beginning and do a squat in the air. This position is stabil and you will not be thrown away. Successively, your jump-length as well as table-length can be enlarged. Would you try with simple tricks, as cross (ski-crossing and touch of one hand in front of ski-binders), critical (ski-crossing and touch at ski-point), later, the rotations can be added (from 180 up to 1440 degrees).

The rules at rotations: you have to turn your head first, afterthat shoulders, rest of your body will follow you. Attention, however, you need not, while rotating, to be leaned out of the axis. Otherwise, if you do not do in planned way and your body is not under control, you risk a fall down. It is obvious that you have your ski with twin tips available. It seems very funny, if you effect a jump in great style, and your ski-points stick into snow. Your fall is more delightfull as you fly in an air. You can try to jump backflips, frontflips, or you can combine these two variants with rotations and ski-touch (grabs).    

Text: Pavel Faustus


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