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Boards under ski-binding

Published: 3.3.2008
On carving-ski, a binding-support there has to be fixed. It has several functions: increased pose extends possible angle of ski-inclination ( angularity) on descent route. Thanks to this support, we can reach required inclination without undesirable contact of boots with a slope leading to corner-upseting.

The support height is to be chosen according a type or use of skies. The more ski is cut out, and the more narrow ski-centre is, so the higher board would be. The thicker board has the ski for funcarving, minimum is 6 cm. However, assembled standard board is often unsufficient for radical skiers, so they add further boards, or use special supports. Sole-height above snow could reach 10 cm in this case. Race-ski has stated its dimension (height) according FIS Norm - 55 mm.

It enables ski-movement below binding.

-         Board enables to keep characteristic and construction quality of ski. It also muffles vibrations and shocks, by this movement the ski is more quiet.

-         Binding is assembled in two-parts support, and whole complex is fixed to a ski in movable way (mostly by means of oval holes), in order to the distance between binding´s point and heel can be changed, and so the ski-movement below binding could be enabled.

-         Board could be made of two parts. So, it enables ski-movement and allows to draw near the binding to each other.

-         The other type is a support in a form of swing, fixed on a ski in the middle only - in 15-20 cm length. At both ends, there is free space between ski and support, enabling free ski-movement.

-         Strength to ski-edges is transferred better, under more suitable angle.

-         Board proves, in the course of ski-movement, by means of elastomers, to take the energy, and return back quicker, in turn between arches (race use).

-         Boards can be produced in various hardness and agresivity. They are divided into race and relax types. In case of supplementary assemblage of supports, you have to think over brake-length of bindings used. Provided ther required length is not reached, we have to prolong it. In case of funcarving, it is an advantage when support-height(altitude) is 1-2 cm higher below binding-heel. It helps partially, provided you have unsuitable boots-type, which do not enable kneeling.

The supports are special, drilled to concrete binding-type, and universal, not drilled - these can be fixed by any type.

Text: Pavel Faustus

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