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Published: 27.11.2007
It is difficult to say what else needs the freerider for fulfillment of his tasks. The aim is – to reach the hill and enjoy the drive downstairs in deep snow. We talk about the essential equipment , the other details must be cauught individually – i.e. what is needed and what is to be satisfied.


     In general, it is a better dressing as for standard skiier. It is worth to invest to the modern materials – such as Goretex , etc. You have to calculate, however, that you climb up to the hill for more than two hours so you will suffer from sweating. You appreciate materials of bottom (lower) dressing as it is Moira and others. If you find yourselves in a powdery snow , it would be recommandable that your trousers as well as your smock-frock did not got wet too much, the same is valid for descend. You do some somersaults, for sure, and to obtain the snow under your tricot it is not pleasant at all, so the better investment is worth. Modern
smock-frocks have the system Recco-selfgluing reflector, fastened on ski-boot or helmet all the time. This emergency system increases the chance that you will be found – in case of avalanche falls – quite quickly and alive. The reflector Recco does not send out any kind of signal, its task is to reflect back the highfrequency signal of a detector.
Avalanche Finder - Pieps
     This marvellous subject could you , or your friend , rescue your life, provided the avalanche could fall on you. It is very important to take it always and have it buttoned up. Its function is in a fact that you find somebody, or , on the contrary, somebody finds you , if this event could happen. They are offered in various executions. They can differ from its functions
(analog or digital), with looking up one or more persons, with the dimension of finding amplitude , etc. The respective instructions you receive in a special shop. It is quite expensive investment amounting to CZK 7000-12000,-. If you do not wish to buy it, you can loan it in a loan-office. We recommend you to try it on trial , not directly in action.
     If you find somebody under the snow by means of „pieps“, you have to reach him. For this reason, various shovels are determinated to it – such as of aluminium, plastic or manufactured of various polycarbonates. However, it depends on which material you believe ( it cannot be broken with hard firn-snow – iced snow) and also on the fact of price-level and on its weight, of course. It is an advantage that the handle is compounding or telescopic, the shovel can be easier fastened to a rucksack It is not worth while that this will not be needed , but by means of ski or snowboard you hardy dig out a man. Except of this, you can build a freestyle jump into snow- feather-bed by means of the shovel.
Avalanche Sound
     It is a compounding pole which has in detachable position length of 40 cm approx., in compound position moves from 2,5 up to 3 m. Various executions exist , which differ from pole materials, a string in the middle and a sound diameter. The sound would be easily detachable and by pulling of string-end would be easily compounded and pushed in together.
The sound is an inevitable subject for exact localization of buried person.

     The base is a helmet, you can use the classical execution ( „coco-nut“) or integrale which will protect all your face. It is not bad to use the protector of backbone , you never know if you
knock at somebody or something. The damage of backbone within quick drive is not a big problem. The other protection devices are being used – such as special trousers with protectors on back-part, tail-end and sides. On sale there are the shirts with protectors on backbone, shoulders and elbows.
The Skis

     The division will be more difficult in this case. You can drive in any kind in a powder-snow. It is true that on some surface you move better ,or on some surface worse. In general, the wider the skis are, the better. The skis start at 90 mm under the boot – up to 130 mm.
More universal are round 90 mm of width into snow park – out of descend line. The width of 130 mm – this is a special powder-snow ski. It depends on the situation what you prefer and where you wish to drive, if in Czech Republic only or you will move in Alps slopes.
Ski Boots (Shoes)
     The advice is difficult in this case. Anyway, we recommend you to use more hard shoes, for enjoy drives in snow park you can use more soft shoes, everything depends on your comfortability, it is really individual. The special shoes for freeride are on sale, these are quite expensive, however. If you walk through powder-snow with seal-belts, you have to buy the „skialp-shoes“ these are flexible in a joint.
      Freeride requires higher DIN – up to 15 at least, for sure. It goes often to enormous pressures and shocks for a ski , and it is unpleasant, when your ski is cut off in the middle of skiing. Special insertions can be used into binders for walking with seal-belts, this is a good version to binders of classical execution. Skialp-binders are more fragile, and the hard freeride treatment cannot be hold.
Further Equipment
     These can be seal-belts for walking across mountain-ranges or snowshoes, seat, rope, climbing-irons, ice-axes. Nevertheless, everything depends on your ability and on the fact where you are moving and driving but you discover all this alone independently.

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