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Published: 13.9.2007
Provided you intend to exotic countries, you have to count with the vaccination. This is valid for our domestic regions, of course. Nevertheless, if you have decided to travel to these countries, the consultation with a doctor or in a special medicine office is necessary.

In hospitals  there are situated  the „vaccination centres“  . They have the  departments of travel medicine. Eventually, you can visit also special private centres. Anyway, it is better to consult more doctors as every doctor has different opinion regarding vaccination.

We recommend you not to be vaccinaned in the last moment before your trip abroad.

The vaccination materials need various time periods before they start to produce an effect. 

As the vaccination requires more doses it is necessary to keep – between each dose –

the limit of 14 days.

The list of  offices where the vaccinations are offered is as follows:


Attention for the vaccination before the departure ! It can occure that  you  will be feeling bad  after puncturing, you  are forced to visit a hospital instead of departure for holidays and the trip has to be postponed.  This situation seems to be improbable but it happened so.

Would you choose the type of vaccination according to the country where you intend to go, in what year season it will be, and what exactly you wish to do there.

In one certain country can occure the risk of certain disease but, on the other hand, in the other country not, so it is useless to let vaccinated against something what you do not meet at all. You cannot be of the opinion that you get vaccinations against  all diseases and so you will be protected against all  medical problems. The vaccination is a very individual affair, depending on your health situation and other circumstances. So, would you think it over,

if you really need all types of vaccination, recommended to you by doctors. It happens quite often, however, that the doctors prescribe more vaccinations, to be out of suspicion, if someting happened to you by chance. Anyway, if you are tarvelling to whatever place, it is recommandable to be  vaccinated against tetanus and jaundice.

Would you count with a fact that every matter costs something. The vaccination costs – from approx.  CZK 100,- up to CZK 1500,- for 1 dose (jaundice).

You can receive also – for a small fee – the International Vaccination  Certificate. You need this document for presentation  at arrival to countries where certain vaccination is obliged.

(Africa – yellow fever).

Detailed information regarding vaccination, disease description and list of necessary vaccination you find  on web-site as follows:


Obligatory Vaccination


Yellow Fever is obliged to the countries in Africa and South America

Recommended Vaccinations



Jaundice  A

Jaundice  B

Abdominal Typhus

Meningokok Meningitide

Japanese Encefalitide  B




Malaria – antilamarics medicines only

Dengue Fever

ATTENTION – this is not an instruction , nor detailed description how to let vaccinated, so it is impossible to be kept. The consultation with a doctor is  required always!



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