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SK, Bratislava – Retro Walk in the City

Published: 23.12.2018
We invite you to a retro-walkin Bratislava, which brings about a new book on this topic. We will travel back in time to the years 1948 to 1989. The picture of the capital in the period of socialism will be known through the postcards issued at that time. They will remind you of what the city looked like and how the city lived in a relatively short time.

A walk on a postcard Bratislava from 1948 to 1989 will take us the times which, in terms of the variety of themes and artistic aspects of the postcards, were not fully satisfied. And, of course, this fact did not apply only to postcards. Comparing this period with the times of the so-called golden era of postcard printing in the early 20th century, there are great differences. In the case of Bratislava, the postcards of notorious shots of the castle, the Danube, the Michal Tower and other Bratislava sights continued to be published, but the postcards of the neighborhoods outside the historic center were dropped and the postcards from the suburbs almost disappeared. As if at that time they were ashamed of the suburban borroughs of Bratislava ...

Bratislava – retro

Bratislava – retro   Bratislava – retro

The book Bratislava - Retro publication aims to remind Bratislavaers of what their city looked like in a relatively short time. Still, many people born in this period are still alive live, who may be happy to refresh their memories  of Bratislava's childhood or youth through postcards for nostalgia's sake. However, the publication may also be of interest to the post-generation generation. They are at least surprised by the enormous changes their city has undergone for decades, and perhaps the astonishing fact that many of the former Bratislava nooks do not even know. And it's not so long ago...

Bratislava – retro

Looking back through the postcards gives you the opportunity to answer the question whether this beauty on the Danube is even more beautiful or whether its former charm and charm has been lost. In the opinion of Jan Lacik, the results of the confrontation of memories and today's reality are quite unambiguous. He is certainly not the one who regrets the irretrievable loss of Bratislava Podhradí and other ancient nooks. On the other hand, however, he is delighted that the harsh socialist shamelessness that has been expressed by the ubiquitous political agitation of one nation's party has disappeared from the streets and squares. Similarly ambiguous is the present city with regard to its image. Besides the big urbanistic lapsus in the semi-stop Bratislava, we managed to realize meaningful projects of positive revitalization of the modern European metropolis and it is on each of us, what we tended to.

Bratislava – retro

Let's go through Bratislava in the second half of the 20th century and remember the times of the past, perhaps we can feel more of the times present ...

Bratislava – retro

Bratislava – retro

You can buy the publication either in any good bookstore (e-shop) or you can win it! Just write us the name of at least one Bratislava monument by 7th January 2019. Please send us an answer to 4gsyQOQa9~Bq2~6_Tlx. Winners will be published on our social networks.



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Source and photos: PR, DAJAMA archive

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