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Liptov Region: A Targed Of Relax And Entertaiment
Published: 23.9.2010
The region, placed among High Tatra and Low Tatra Mountains (North Slovakia) belongs, thanks to nature conditions and cultural-historical monuments, to one of most beautiful and popular areas of tourist movement in Slovakia.

A Trip Troughout Velký Sokol Valley
Published: 17.9.2010
Active Holiday II. As mentioned in our first chapter of our journey, camping place Podlesok could be an ideal starting point for visits of most impressive valleys, such as Suchá Belá or Piecky, or 6 kms distant Velký Sokol Valley.

Aarhus - Denmark - VIDEO
Published: 17.8.2010
This charming Danish town is offering to its visitors not only a pleasant atmosphere but also many places which are worth to visit.

Berlin - Two World Of One Town - VIDEO
Published: 27.7.2010
This German capital is a town, pulsing letterally day and night. In past, Berlin was one of main seats of Fuhrer Hitler, or a town with its fixed frontier between East and West. Nevertheless, you feel the history nearly on each step.

Vranov Nad Dyjí
Published: 25.6.2010
Vranov nad Dyjí Castle belongs, no doubt, with its unique locality and interiors, to most beautiful sightseeings of South Moravia.

Rajecké Teplice
Published: 17.6.2010
The town of Rajecké Teplice is placed in Žilina Region, inside picturesque valley of Rajčianka-river. The seat became especially famous for its nature healing thermal spa. belonging to most known and most visited spa-towns in Slovakia.

Oparno Valley - Bohemian Highlands
Published: 4.6.2010
Unique territory of Bohemian Highlands, protected countryside area, belongs to one of optimal starting points for tourist walks, and, first of all, for cycling around wide environs. No doubt, a nest of cycling routes (which is increasing all the time) helps to that fact. This area offers marvellous views of the nature, and one part of its is formed with Oparno Valley.

Sokolia Dolina (Sokolia Valley)
Published: 3.6.2010
Sokolia Valley is placed in west part of Slovak Paradise. Maybe, it is the most wildest and most remoted ravine of this national park. The valley is nearly 6 kilometres long and its exceeding makes more than 300 metres.

Biela Voda Valley
Published: 20.5.2010
This National Nature Reservation is situated in north part of High Tatra Mountains inside land-register of the community of Tatranska Javorina, Prešov Region. The valley is 13 kms long, with many great adjoining valleys, and it is the longest one in High Tatra.

Published: 7.5.2010
Chateau Letovice is situated on headland above the town. It is quite extensive chateau with complex of buildings and garden. Since 2004, the area is in private ownership, and necessary reconstructions followed till 2009.

Martin - Slovakia
Published: 25.3.2010
Martin is cultural as well as economical seat of Turiec, North Slovak Region. In 1994, the town was declared as Slovak Centre of National Culture. So, Martin became a very attractive target, not only for local tradition and its monuments.

Rock Labyrinth Tisá Walls
Published: 7.11.2009
Sandstone massif of Tisá Walls is placed at the edge of Labe (Elbe) Sandstone Walls in North Bohemia and reaches the altitude of 613 metres above sea level. Despite this fact, the walk is quite pleasant, you are not forced to overcome the hills or climb over the rocks, provided you omit last mounting of the section where you started your excursion.

Camden Town - London
Published: 6.11.2009
Camden Rown is an undivisible London quarter. To tell the truth, this is a special town inside British capital As soon as you enter Camden Town, you see immeditately that this quarter is living in some different way, and has another type of culture.

Oswetcim (Auschwitz) - A Factory For Death
Published: 8.10.2009
Would you like to visit a place which was written with black letters into modern history? Do you have a feeling that „holocaust“ is a legend? So, would you visit concentration lagers Oswiecim I and Oswiecim II- Brezinka, (Birkenau) exterminated lager for death, destined from Czech borders not more than 100 kilometres.

Romantic Paris
Published: 25.9.2009
Romantic Paris is a capital of France and famous metropolis of the country. Nevertheless, each of you will recollect in their mind , in connection with Paris, something different, such as: romantic, fashion, famous boutique shops, Eiffel Tower or other monuments. And just the sightseeings and places of interest are today´s targets…

Let's go to Prčice!
Published: 26.5.2009
This sentence is well-known for everybody in Czech Republic. It is something similar when somebody in UK says: Go to hell! Nevertheless, in our country, this expression means something different. From this reason, there was established a tradition of long-distant walks.

Highlands of Slovak paradise
Published: 14.5.2009
We mentioned recently inique natural locality of Slovak Paradise in our article. Now, we take aim at its most interesting parts and try to describe where they are placed and how to arrive there.

Published: 14.5.2009
In district of Pilsen-north, in a distance of 21 kms of Pilsen. There is situated the community of Plasy. The town was successively founded near to Cisterciac monastery, established with a document of 1144. signed by Prince Vladislav II. The monastery was created on place of Prince courtyard, it was changed under the administration of Religious Fund after its closing.

Austria: Vienna - Albertina
Published: 26.3.2009
Vienna is, no doubt, a treasury of art, from grandiose Baroque style up to buildings in Art-Deco style or typical Viennese cafes at the end of 19th century, when the actual face of this town was given by architect Hoffmann. City centre, the target of most of tourists, has the advantage of essential importance.

Česká Sibiř (Bohemia Siberia) on ski
Published: 5.2.2009
Čertova hrbatina (Devil's Hunchback) and Jistebnice Highlands with its top-part Čertovo břemeno ( Devil's Burden), all this is to be found in an area, known as Bohemian Siberia. This region got its name, thanks to its hard and colder winters as in other areas, where Sedlec basin ia named as "Bohemian Meran".

Kostomlaty castle ruins
Published: 22.11.2008
The extended torso of Kostomlaty castle (also Sukoslav, according to Vaclav Hajek of Libočany Chronicle) is arising on outstanding afforested hill, not far from the community Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou. This castle belongs to most beautiful castle-ruins in Bohemia, according to many castle-ruin lovers.

Náměšť na Hané
Published: 17.11.2008
The community of Náměšť na Hané is to be found fourteen kilometers distant from district town of Olomouc, and twelve kilometres from King´s town of Litovel. The town is located on confluence of small river Šumice and Baběnice brook, on slope of Drahanská Highlands.

Landštej castle
Published: 9.11.2008
The ruin of Landštejn castle is most extensive and most preserved ruin of Romanesque castle in Bohemia. The castle was constructed on granite hill in an altitude of 665 m above sea level, 10 kms distant in eastern direction of the town of Nová Bystřice, not far from the point where meet borders of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria.

CZ: Prague - Hradčany
Published: 3.11.2008
Originally, Hradčany was an independent town. In 1784, it became a part of united King´s Capital of Prague. Most part of Hradčany is formed with Prague Castle. The castle was created with subsequence of added buildings of castle of 9th century. Today, the castle is marked as one of greatest castle complexes of the world.

Sovinec castle
Published: 19.9.2008
Sovinec is a most extended castle-complex in Bruntál district. It is situated on rocky headland in mountain valley of Low Jeseník Mountings.

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