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Česká Sibiř (Bohemia Siberia) on ski
Published: 5.2.2009
Čertova hrbatina (Devil's Hunchback) and Jistebnice Highlands with its top-part Čertovo břemeno ( Devil's Burden), all this is to be found in an area, known as Bohemian Siberia. This region got its name, thanks to its hard and colder winters as in other areas, where Sedlec basin ia named as "Bohemian Meran".

Kostomlaty castle ruins
Published: 22.11.2008
The extended torso of Kostomlaty castle (also Sukoslav, according to Vaclav Hajek of Libočany Chronicle) is arising on outstanding afforested hill, not far from the community Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou. This castle belongs to most beautiful castle-ruins in Bohemia, according to many castle-ruin lovers.

Náměšť na Hané
Published: 17.11.2008
The community of Náměšť na Hané is to be found fourteen kilometers distant from district town of Olomouc, and twelve kilometres from King´s town of Litovel. The town is located on confluence of small river Šumice and Baběnice brook, on slope of Drahanská Highlands.

Landštej castle
Published: 9.11.2008
The ruin of Landštejn castle is most extensive and most preserved ruin of Romanesque castle in Bohemia. The castle was constructed on granite hill in an altitude of 665 m above sea level, 10 kms distant in eastern direction of the town of Nová Bystřice, not far from the point where meet borders of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria.

CZ: Prague - Hradčany
Published: 3.11.2008
Originally, Hradčany was an independent town. In 1784, it became a part of united King´s Capital of Prague. Most part of Hradčany is formed with Prague Castle. The castle was created with subsequence of added buildings of castle of 9th century. Today, the castle is marked as one of greatest castle complexes of the world.

Sovinec castle
Published: 19.9.2008
Sovinec is a most extended castle-complex in Bruntál district. It is situated on rocky headland in mountain valley of Low Jeseník Mountings.

Excursion from Prague to Uzhgorod
Published: 29.8.2008
Let´s take a way to the town where West and East culture mix!

Klášterec nad Ohří
Published: 12.8.2008
The town of Klášterec nad Ohří is placed in a valley on left bank of Ohře river, 36 kms in eastern direction of Karlovy Vary in an altitude of 330 m above sea level.

Koněprusy caves - tip for en excursion
Published: 15.7.2008
One of most known cave-complexes of Czech Republic is situated couple of kilometers only from the town of Beroun and 40 kms distant of capital Prague. The cave-system inside hill of Zlatý kůň (Golden Horse) near to the community of Koněprusy is most extended and longest underground system in Bohemia.

Goms Valley - your active holidays in Switzerland
Published: 30.6.2008
One of most attractive parts of Swiss Alps is situated in Goms valley which is ideal for all arts of summer activities. In hot summer days you can make an excursion to a glacier or climb to one of mountains of 4000 m high. Immagine, in Wallis Canton there are 47 mountains of such altitude!

CZ: Javorníky
Published: 3.5.2008
We have prepared for you some tips for excursions, you can undertake visiting this mountain-range at south-eastern border of Slovak-Moravian Carpathian Mountains. We visit Malý Javorník (Small Javorník), mountains cottages Portáš and Kohútka, nature reservation Razula as well as community of Nový Hrozenkov, etc.

Published: 2.4.2008
The town of Vodňany is is a place joined with water, especially with ponds. It is situated in South Bohemia Region, between town of České Budějovice and Strakonice. Former King´s town Vodňany received its name of water, surrounding it from all parts. The town is mentioned medioeval Latin texts, thanks to its position and magic, as Aquileja Bohemorum (Venice of Bohemia).

Malá Studená dolina (Small Cold Valley)
Published: 18.3.2008
If you will be pleased to make an excursion in mountains and you do not prefer to visit the Alps, would you visit some of natural beauties of Vysoké Tatry (Giant Tatra) in Slovakia. The climbing through Malá Studená dolina (Small Cold Valley) up to Téry Chalet is very popular. It cannot be your final target, of course.

Small and Grate Kotelní Jámy (Kettle Holes)
Published: 28.2.2008
This dominanta of Giant Mountains is situated in northwestern direction of Horní Mísečky community. Kotel (Kettle) peak is 1435 m high, and it is a dominion of ice, snow and wild wind. This protected area created by glacier formations is placed in the first belt of National Park, at southern and southeastern slope of Kotel.

Milada lake
Published: 26.2.2008
Since 2001, it was created the attractive tourist locality in Chabařovice. It forms a base of change of mining activity in Ore Mountains. This is unique project of flooding of former mining work.

Published: 22.2.2008
The district town of Prachatice is situated on Živný brook at foot of Bohemian Forest in South Bohemian Region. The town was founded on merchant „Gold Path“ probably on place of today´s community of Staré Prachatice (Old Prachatice). New town of Prachatice was established at the beginning of 14th century, together with a church of St.Jacob on a square.

Krušné hory
Published: 16.2.2008
This mountain-rainge, omitted region in recent times, has interesting history and its indisputable importance. It changed from industrial and mining industry to tourist importance within past one hundred years.

Published: 8.2.2008
The town of Písek (with nearly of 30000 inhabitants) is situated in South Bohemia Region . Písek was founded in middle of 13th century along banks of Otava-river. The town developped quickly, thanks to trade and gold mining. Today, Písek is a cultural, tourist as well as sports centre.

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