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Aarhus - Denmark - VIDEO

Published: 17.8.2010
This charming Danish town is offering to its visitors not only a pleasant atmosphere but also many places which are worth to visit.



is the second greatest town in Denmark (300 thousand of inhabitatnts approx.), a capital and the second biggest town of East Jutland (Byregion Ostjylland), placed nearly in geographical centre of Jutland Peninsula.


The town was founded by Vikings at an estuary of Aarhus-river. This place was noted as prospective for construction of port as well as the establishing of merchant point. The name Aarhus was characteristic for the name of this new community, coming from Old-Danish word of „Aros“, what means river tributary. Later, in 1201, a new Cathedrale was started to be built, and this building became quickly a centre till Reformation time in 1536. Consequently, the square, surrounded with new built civic houses, started to be a centre of town´s life. The development of the town begun even since middle of 19th century, when its actual form of modern metropolis, including tens of thousands of students, was created.


Which monuments are worth to visit?

Aarhus Cathedrale

The building was constructed in 1201, and was consecrated to St. Clement, patron of sailors and a Pope, who died as a martyr, when he was drowned with an anchor, bound to his neck. Later, between 1450-1520, this originally church, built in Romanesque style, got its Gothic vault. Now, it is the longest church in Denmark (93 metres) and the highest one at the same time (the tower is 96 metres high). The Cathedrale is being used not only for Holy Mass but also as concert hall. Its capacity is reserved for even 1200 persons.

Aarhus Town Hall

Arne Jacobsen and Erik Moller are the architects of this building. The house was open for public in June 1941. Its 60 metres high tower with church-clock at diameter of 7 metres is dominating the square. The construction takes a surface of 19380 square metres, and it is covered with more than 6000 square metres of Norwegian marble. This old Town Hall, coming from second half of 19th century, was used for certain time period as police station. At present, a museum of feministic (women) culture and Danish history is placed there.

Old Town

Here, you can find a museum, placed in open air, consisting of 75 buildings, which are not typical for Aarhus only but the houses were transferred there from all Danish regions. So, they create complex picture of Danish architecture of time period since 16th till 19th centuries. Most of buildings are open for public, the rooms have characteristic decoration of old times. So, you can find in this skansen: post-office, theatre, school building and various shops, added with figures, presenting classical professions, such as black-smith, merchant, etc., assisting in such way to the illusion of living history.

Aarhus Theatre

The construction of this building begun in 1898 (the building was open for public two years later) and would substitute old theatre known as „Svedekassen“, which was too small for performances. Hack Kampmann, Danish architect, proposed it in Art Nouveau style, with accent to nature materials.

Marselisborg Palace

This building, as a residence place of Danish King´s Family, was originally presented in 1898 as wedding gift for Prince Christian and Princess Alexandra from Danish people. Now, the building is being used, first of all, as summer residence or residence of King´s Family during Christmas and Easter time period. A garden-park in English style (32 acres) belongs to palace complex, too.

Aarhus Museum of Arts (ARS)

This building, with its ten stages and surface of 17000 square metres, belongs to the greatest museums of art in North Europe. Its name makes a combination of old Aarhus name and great letter ARS mean Latin word for arts. The museum exposition is divided into three main parts, such as: „Golden Age“ of Danish Arts (1770-1990), Danish Modern Arts (1900-1960) and Contemporaneus Art.


Text: Maxim Kucer

Video: Jiří Tarant

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Poto:  Wikipedia.org, Stig Ekelund, EAN, Sus B.Z.,

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