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Austria: To Vienna during the Advent Time II – The Largest and the Most Romantic Christmas Market

Published: 12.12.2018
Last week we walked in downtown of the capital of Austria, visited several Christmas markets and various cultural and historical attractions in their vicinity, but a walk in Vienna could certainly not be considered complete if we did not visit the largest and most romantic Christmas market. Are you interested which one? Well, read the following lines to find the answer!

The fairy-tale atmosphere of the Viennese Christmas markets attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The atmosphere of winter holidays is enjoyed by many people from around the world. It's an ideal trip to mark the end of the year. Interesting is the fact that the oldest markets (once called December) were held in this city. It was  Albrecht I, who gave permission to Austrian citizens, to be able to organize the first Krippenmarkt market in December 1298. Perhaps no one knew at that time that the markets would become a tradition that would last for centuries and will grow.

Rathausplatz, Vídeň 

Across the city center, through the various markets, we have come to the most famous, largest, most commercial and most visited Viennese Christmas market situated in front of the town hall - on Rathausplatz. Over 150 stalls offer various goodies and something to warm up, souvenirs, toys or Christmas products. The entire park is illuminated by light chains placed on the trees. In order to get entertained and somewhat moving, you can use the large rink, the children will be delighted with the train or the carousel. And all this glittering beauty is dominated by a huge Christmas tree. But there is a crowd of people, and the quiet Christmas idyll offered by other markets is far away. Therefore, if you are looking for less hurry, we will introduce you other markets as well.

vánoční trhy, Vídeň

A little further from the center is the most interesting Christmas market. It is located in the campus of the University of Vienna. The romantic Christmas village of Altes AKH is known and loved by its cozy and peaceful atmosphere, and is especially sought after by younger visitors.

To enjoy true Christmas atmosphere, however, we will go further beyond the city center. There are many interesting and interesting Christmas markets here.

vánoční trhy, Vídeň 

Every child goes to Vienna to visit the amusement park of Prater, which is one of the symbols of the capital of Austria. And why not let them enjoy this joy at the time of advent and the coming of the New Year? Here, below the most famous and the very first attraction in the park, the 65 meter Wiener Riesenrand Ferry's Wheel (1897the winter markets are the most famous and the first attraction of the park, the 65-meter-high Wiener Riesenrad (1897) overlooking Vienna. As long as children enjoy fun in the carousels, you can enjoy culinary specialties and traditional products with a music program.

Schönbrunn, Vídeň 

If you are looking for the Baroque and royal atmosphere of Christmas, visit the market in front of some of Vienna's palaces. South of downtown, right in front of Vienna's second largest Belvedere palace complex (1714-1723), is a Christmas village. The extensive gardens and the Baroque palace are an ideal romantic place to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Here you can also enjoy the Christmas markets with craft and gastronomic delicacies, creative activities and art discovery, because the castle is the seat of the gallery. You can see the picture of the Kiss (1907-1908) from the Austrian Art Nouveau painter and graphic artist Gustav Klimt.

Schönbrunn, Vídeň

However, the highlight of the markets is the most romantic one, located in front of the largest palace of the Austrian capital, in the courtyard of the imperial chateau Schönbrunn. The Schönbrunn baroque chateau is situated behind a lighted Christmas tree and a nativity scene. Can you imagine the more ideal backdrop for a romantic Christmas atmosphere? The fairytale experience of the imperial Vienna will provide a cultural program, classical music concerts, and a wealth of action for the youngest. There are, of course, stalls with scents. Gingerbread, punch, roasted chestnuts and traditional Austrian delicacies will spoil your taste and smell.

Schönbrunn, Vídeň

In addition to the Christmas markets, you can also visit the chateau itself, which was used as the summer residence of the Habsburgs. Besides the chateau, there is also a large park with castle gardens, the oldest zoological garden in the world or a museum of horse carriages.

Rathausplatz, Vídeň

When visiting Vienna during the Advent time, you can definitely buy a couple of souvenirs. These can be Christmas decorations for a Christmas tree or a Christmas table or a practical home-made gift. We recommend, for example, a mug for Christmas punch, because each market has its own. Here, in Vienna, you will enjoy yourself fully during the Christmas time.

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Text and photos: Anna Nociarová

Edited by: Infoglobe

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