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Austria: Unusual Exhibition and Our Time in Waldviertel Region

Published: 24.5.2017
Lower Austria's land exhibition is held every other year. Both its location and topic change. This year, the exhibition takes place in the southern part of the Waldviertel, at Pöggstall chateau. We intended to see the exhibition for ourselves. The following lines hopefully inspire you to go there as well.

What the rights are“, that is the topic of an exhibition focused on the history of jurisdiction. The exhibition shows how people live together. The exhibition is open to November 12, 2017. There you can learn about the history of law in central Europe. You will ask yourselves questions on the rules of the game in our society. You will see the history of law and what it helped us to accomplish. Also, you will have a glimpse of how people behaved in the past and how we behave in the present. The exhibition at the occasion of Pöggstall chateau renovation. Individual expositions tell stories of exccentric chateau lords, the renovation, and unique features of chateau's buildings.

Pöggstall chateau, (c) Gemeinde Pöggstall

There are guides as well as an audioguide which is available in English, Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian. The entire tour takes about an hour. 
Once we were finished with the exhibition, our guide took us for an hour long tour to Waldviertel's southern parts. There were beautiful meadows, living fences, orchard trees, and gardens from where we enjyoed amazing vistas and learn amazing stories. We observed the land and its people.

Waldvierel, (c) Waldviertel Tourismus, www.ishootpeople.at

A while later, we reached Ysperklamm gorge. There we observed water, wood, and granite. Amazing natural theater. Beautiful waterfalls waited for us on the upper section of the gorge. We got there by crossing secured bridges, and climbing ladders. The vista included Yspertal valley, the foothills of the Alp's, and mysterious rock formations. Then our trip took us to the summit cross on Kaltenberg. Eventually, we returned to the valley.

Waldvierel, (c) Waldviertel Tourismus, www.ishootpeople.at

Those who are not exctied about alpine tourism should visit Armschlag village that focuses on growing poppy - or Papaver. The history of poppy includes short films. You may learn a lot when walking in poppy fields, and learn a lot about this plant.

the land of wild poppy, (c) Waldviertel Tourismus, www.ishootpeople.at

To conclude, we spend the end of the day at Johann Jindra, a master locker, in Weiten He produces sun dials. He was fastinated by ancient dials so much, he studies old books and drawings which led him to create his own dials. Johann Jindra likes to show his visitors the most beautiful pieces and talks about how he created them. The "Sun, Time, and Eternity" exhibitions is housed inside the house and on the garden of the sun dial master.

There other events and attractions along Lower Austria Land Exhibition in the Waldviertel region. For instance, visit Haider, the world of whisky where you can taste real Austria whisky, see a unique powerplant on the Danube, discover pigrimage jewelry, talk with an artistic priest, walk in royal summer residence, and follow the traces of forgotten crafts.

Waldvierel, (c) Waldviertel Tourismus, www.ishootpeople.at

The region impressed us so much that we return here this year most certainly. What about you? Will you go there as well?

Source: Lower Austria - Niederösterreich-Werbung GmbH

Photos: (c) Gemeinde Pöggstall (úvodní), (c) při fotografiích

Edited by: Infoglobe editorial staff

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