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Austria: Vienna - Albertina

Published: 11.3.2023
Vienna is, no doubt, a treasury of art, from grandiose Baroque style up to buildings in Art-Deco style or typical Viennese cafes at the end of 19th century, when the actual face of this town was given by architect Hoffmann. City centre, the target of most of tourists, has the advantage of essential importance.

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The distance between separate places of interest is minimal. So, you can find here important galleries and famous museums, and all is accompanied with boastful palaces and parks.


The walk through historical town-nucleus does not take more than one day, or two evenings, but, anyway, till the time when your steps could not be allured by irresistible aroma of Vienna coffee, gigantic steaks or billboard welcoming you to visit some of exhibitions of real masters of graphic art (this phenomenon became the second home for local Viennese artistic saloons).


And just one of those important  galleries is topic point of our article in this respect. It is the Albertinum Hall, known, first of all, owing to its flying exhibitions of giants of graphic art, but also one of best collections of graphic papers, pictures and a aquarelles of the world.


This palace, situated at the corner of Hofburg, seat castle of Austrian Emperor, on Augustiner street, accommodated famous names, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rubens, Pablo Picasso or Rembrandt van Rijn. The palace alone belonged Mary Cristine in past, daughter of Mary Theresa and Duke Albert von Saxonia - Teschen, her husband. And this building got the name after this man later - now known as Albertina. The collection contents approx. 1 million of graphic papers, more than 65 thousands aquarelles and nearly the same number of photos. To such jewels belong, first of all, the works of Renaissance painter and art-theorist, Albrecht Durer (only Leonardo da Vinci could be compared with him, according to the importance). His purpose for details, as well as the microscopical precision of his works could be found in generally known aquarelle „Hare“ of 1502. His skin is presented here with such care that it wakes an impression of reality. This fact was – an branch of graphic art – something incredible at that time. 

Duerer, Albertina

Except this artist, you can admire here works of Michelangelo or Rubens, where is placed the section of 20th century, presented especially with works of Picasso. Nevertheless, Albertina is not classical museum or gallery only, you do not find here classical exhibition, anyway, three exhibition halls are offering, all year round, many unique and thematically specialized performances of the best, what history and present time of graphic art could be able to offer.


Who is more interested in architecture, he would appreciate a fact, that there were again open for public (after more than 200 years) representative rooms of Habsburgs, Neo-Classical splendid interiors of top time-period of this European monarchy. This building alone undergone several changes within its reconstruction time (1999-2003), including necessary enlargement of the whole complex. In general, the palace obtained its original beauty again. In new wing, along Burggarden side, there are sutuated study rooms and exhibition hall, in the greatest one.


The Albertina is simply a true home of art that you should see. Current information about events and exhibitions in English can be found HERE.


GPS: 48°12'15.9"N 16°22'06.0"E

Text: Jan Chaloupka

Photo: Pixabay.com, Wikimedia Commons, Florian Prischl, Nebelvír, Wmpearl, Jlorenz1, AnnaLety, Nebelvír,U3001, Nebelvír

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