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Česká Sibiř (Bohemia Siberia) on ski

Published: 5.2.2009
Čertova hrbatina (Devil's Hunchback) and Jistebnice Highlands with its top-part Čertovo břemeno ( Devil's Burden), all this is to be found in an area, known as Bohemian Siberia. This region got its name, thanks to its hard and colder winters as in other areas, where Sedlec basin ia named as "Bohemian Meran".

From top of Javorová skála (723 m- Maple Rock), highest point of these hills, there is beautiful view around Sedlec basin. Similar view offers also upper station of wire-rope railway of Moninec ski-descent route, probably the longest descent route in Central Bohemia. In summer,  this region offers various excursions for walking tourists and cyclists. In winter saison, when really winter appears, it is possible to walk on running-skis up and down. Nearby the upper wire-rope station, there are arranged ski-traces and you have the chance to run along ways as well as „mountain plains“ up and down, in an altitude ranging from 600-700 metres above sea level.

Provided the snow covering is sufficient, you can start your excursion from the community of Borotín, but your starting point could be arbitrary (from communities of Jistebnice or Veletín). All chosen circuits could be of 20kms up to 40 kms long, according to your proceedings or physical condition of skiers. Each skier can choose his circuit. The countryside is moderately ondulated, steep mountings or sharp descents are missing. So, your attention could be paid to roots of trees in forests, provided snow covering there is missing. Do not worry, you find easily the places for having a rest or having warm, when sharp frost surprises us, there is no problem to cut your ski- excursion in taking of some refreshment in cosy pub along the route.

From Borotín, there is waiting for you the only longer mounting, via communities of Boratkov and Sychrov to Libenice crossroad. Here, you find car-park place (in case, you would like to start your route just here). The branch line passes via community of Větrov to Střezimíř (this community could be your starting point, too). There is another advantage available: railway-station. In such case, you can leave your car at home, and travel by train! So, the trace  is mounting moderately across meadows and forests, via community of Ostrý to Brtný crossroad. From here, you can return via community of Nehonín back to Borotín or Střezimíř, or, turn to the left in direction to Jistebnice. But, in this case, it could be a pity to miss top-part of Čertova hrbatina (Devil´s Hunchback). The trace is mounting moderately, crossing sometimes the road (mostly covered with snow, but also sprinkled with trash) in direction to the community of Ounuz, leading up to Javorová skála (Maple Rock) camping place, being open also in winter, including some  refreshment available. Here, you can see two senders (provided you reach one, situated behind camping place, you can descent, towards the community of Veletín, and take your refreshment in a pub „Za pecí“). Nevertheless, from here you have to return back to the top, provided you do not wish to descent to the town of Sedlec-Prčice and terminate here your excursion, as you descent down. In any case, the mounting does not cause any great problem for you. From Javorová skála (Maple Rock), you easily reach the meadows nearby the upper wire-rope-railway station, and here, the ski-traces are well arranged. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find the access to ski-descent line, provided you do not know well the surrounding terrain. In some forest-edge, there is passing one narrow path, and after approx. 150 m. you reach the upper station of wire-rope. Frankly speaking, it is not worth to descent downstairs for refreshment only, so we recommend you to return, in order to follow ski-running traces. You can inspect small village of Ounuz (local stone cross of 1901 bears the name of Ounuš). It is village monument reservation (a fairytale „Honza málem králem“ was filmed here). Typical buildings are worth for inspection. Further way-continuation could be chosen according your time-possibilities. You can stop in a community of Cunkov in boarding-house „U bisona“ (Bison) to taste a sausage and continue along the community of Alenina Lhota (a water-sprite, sitting on a pine at small pond, could surprise you) and descent, via communities of Skalka or Nehonín to the town of Jistebnice Shorter routes could be made comfortable within 2 hours, or in 1 hour, using quick tempo) or use longer route across the communities of Nadějkov, Slabov and St.Mary Magdalene back to Jistebnice. Anyway, this route is twice so long. In Jistebnice, there is a chance to take a lunch and have a rest in local restaurant. If you do not stay here till the evening, you can continue and terminate this great circuit from Jistebnice via Nehonín to Borotín, Střezimíř or Libenice, according to chosen route, where you wish to finish your excursion, in consequence with your transport home.The maps of this region are to be found on tourist maps or on internet - Moninec ski-descent line (http://moninec.cz/vzdalenost/).

So, if you do not like to drive up and down one hill on your „thick“ ski, you can use your narrow „boards“ and make acquaintance a countryside around.

Text/photo: Vojta Jančar

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