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Croatia, Kvarner Shore – Relax on Kacjak Peninsula near Crikvenice

Published: 18.9.2013
Towards the end of the summer beaches are not that overcrowded. The sun is still warm and the accommodation prices or prices for beach attractions are going down. Thus we and our friends set out to the „Slovak“ sea, to Croatia.

Since we went there for only a couple of days and we didn´t want to travel that long we chose a pleasant summer resort Kacjak on the peninsula of the same name. It is located about five kilometers north from one of the most beautiful tourist destination on the Kaverner shore, the town of Crikvenica.
The Kvarner Shore
ChorvatskoWe drived to Croatia by a car. As in previous years we traveled in the night for the driver has to focus on a road and not on annoying questions sucha s: How long till we get there? Are we there yet? And the rest of the crew usually fall asleep soon. We even didn´t notice and our friend was waking u sup saying that he finally saw a first view of the sea. On the gas station we did our morning hygiene, finished breads with salami we prepared for this journey and had a small drink (except for the driver of course) .

Soon in the morning we reported at the reception desk. There we got the keys from our summer housing. While we were at home we booked cozy apartments in the settlement of Kacjak, that is located 5 minutes away from a beach. The apartments were located in a small area covered with pine trees .

As we got used to in Croatia a clear blue water of the Adriatic sea , welcomed us. But this time it seemed more colder than before. Well, we adapted to it quickly and nothing stood in our way to really enjoy it. The beaches at the Kvarner shore are bit emptier and thus calmer than in Crikvenice five kilometers away. No wonder than that here were rather families or retiered people. However, we didn´t mind. As small kids we played in the water with quick lunch breaks. We managed to read all the books we didn´t have time to read during the year, play cards, or many other desk games. Well, we also were sunbathing and we will remember it even during cold autumn.

Adrenalin on water
Well, our vacation wasn’t that boring, as it might seem. There was a regular tourist train to Crikvenica so we went to see it. Crikvenica is a small town that creates famous Crikvenice riviera together with Dramalj, Selce and Jadranovo. It offers really colorful palette of options how you can enjoy it. Whether you look for nooks you can have a romantic walk, or you want active rest, or wild night party, you will find what you seek there. First, we just walked about the town and then we set out to the shore. There was a well-maintained sand beach with pretty high charge for entrance. Well, what you can do. We paid for that. There were vendors selling amusing attractions and some of them we eventually tried. A banana sail was pretty boring so when we were getting on rubber wheels pulled by a motor boat we were pretty sceptic. But what happened was among the best adrenaline experiences I have been to so far.

adrenalin na vodě adrenalin na vodě

večerní procházka po pobřeží

Celodenní výlet lodí
When in Crikvenica we saw interesting trips offered by vendors everywhere. First we compared few offers and then we decided to take a all-day long boat cruise with swimming in a bay, a lunch on a boat, wine degustation and visit of the cave of Biserujka on Krk island. The trip wasn’t the best we experienced but it was worth it. Remains of fish we had for lunch we used to feed seagulls. The captain of the ship was so kind he didn’t unload us at Crikvenica (the start and finish of the trip) but he took us to the Kacjak Peninsula. There we spent whole evening in local restaurant trying local specialties .
výletní loď racek

popis jeskyně Biserujka
As usually, a vacation in Croatia wasn’t disappointment. Cool Mediterranean climate, great Mediterranean food and sea that is among the most clean in Europe. This all make Croatia a popular destination. If you have a great bunch of friends, all-day long rain or storm over our summer resort can’t spoil your experience.

Text and photo: O. Maňáková

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