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CZ: 5 Tips for Winter Trips to the Nature – VIDEO

Published: 14.1.2022
Are you attracted to hiking in winter? Today we will introduce you to 5 places that are definitely worth a visit. Both skiers and tourists will enjoy themselves here. Let yourself be carried away by the frosty atmosphere and magical views.

The Krkonoše Mountains

Prvním naším zimním tipem budou samozřejmě Krkonoše v severních Čechách. Kromě klasického lyžování ve středisku Špindlerův Mlýn nabízejí tyto hory i ideální podmínky na skialpy a běžkování. Vyzkoušejte například zimní výstup na Vrbatovu boudu. Čeká vás několik přírodních zajímavostí a neskutečné pohledy na sněhem pokrytou krajinu.

Krkonoše (Vrbatova bouda)   Krkonoše

The Ore Mountains

Another great place is the Ore Mountains, which turn into a cross-country skiing paradise during the winter. As a starting point, we recommend the town of Boží Dar, from where there are so many great routes that it would be a shame not to visit here in winter. The popular Krušnohorská magistrála connecting ski resorts awaits you here.

Krušnohorská magistrála   cestou přes rašeliniště

The Brdy

The Brdy, which offers many groomed forest paths, certainly does not lag behind the above-mentioned mountains, and if you are lucky, you will also come across trampled tracks. For example, you can go to the dominant of the Příbram region Třemošná or a little deeper into the Brdy forests to Skelná Huť. You can read more about these trips here.



What would be winter tips without recommending Šumava! Snowy forest nature, frosty air, footprints, falling flakes and silence all around, just a Šumava idyll. Popular places for tourists and photographers include Povydří, valleys of rock formations, snow-covered spruces and meandering Otters. The extensive area of the Šumava National Park includes many reservations and protected landscape areas, the most famous of which is the Boubín Forest.


Šumava  Šumava

Snow Covered Ještěd

Finally, we recommend a visit to Liberec and nearby Ještěd. You can reach the transmitter on foot or by cable car. In the vicinity of this architectural gem, there are several slopes to choose from for both beginner and experienced skiers. If you are lucky enough to have nice weather, you will get a magnificent view of the whole of Liberec and the surrounding area.

lanovka na Ještěd

Ještěd   Ještěd

GPS: 50°45'05.1"N 15°32'55.3"E  (Vrbatova bouda)

          50°24'35.9"N 12°55'27.5"E  (Boží Dar)

          49°42'58.1"N 13°56'49.7"E (Obecnice)

          49°04'40.1"N 13°30'58.1"E (Povydří)

          50°43'57.5"N 14°59'05.7"E (Ještěd)


Text and photos: Martina Koşar, Eliška Gregorová, Veronika Schubertová, Monika Babická

Video: Matouš Vinš

Edited by Oskár Mažgút

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