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CZ, Bílá Opava Valley – The Most Beautiful Nature Trail in the Jeseniky – VIDEO

Published: 2.7.2019
Let's go together for a 5 km long trail from Karlova Studánka upstream of the Bílá Opava through a unique nature reserve. The river cuts into a deep canyon and forms countless cascades, rapids and waterfalls.

Prepare yourself for a challenging journey where you have to overcome many obstacles such as logs, slippery rocks and wobbly footbridge over a small river. There is a significant climb ahead of you. Therefore, prepare suitable clothes, shoes and plenty of water and at least a small snack.

neuvěřitelný pohled z výšky

Go either directly from the village of Karlova Studánka or from the paid parking at the beginning of the trail. After the first about 20 minutes through a well-kept spruce forest, you will immerse yourself in the almost unspoilt wild nature of the Jeseníky Mountains.

méně náročná část cesty   na žluté značce vás čeká soustava lávek a žebříků   vichřicí poničený les

At the Na Paloučku crossroads, the trail is divided. The yellow-marked trail will lead you through a gorgeous ravine right along the river and the waterfalls, and bit easier blue-marked trail that starts a few kilometers ahead at the crossroads above the waterfalls. We recommend that you use yellow for the way up, then go back over the blue. Especially in the high season it is recommended by the PLA administration for easy passage. But definitely do not let the difficulty of yellow discourage, because you will be rewarded by the beautiful scenery probably the most beautiful nature trail in the entire Jeseníky.

příroda je tu nádherná

On 13 information boards panels you will learn here interesting information about the surrounding forest, its inhabitants and the geological history of the place, thanks to which the waterfalls and cascades originated. You will also see with your own eyes a huge difference in the resistance of spruce monocultures (planted by man) and the original primaveal forest. In 2004, a strong storm hit the area and severely damaged a man-made forest, but the forest remained almost undamaged. Similarly, it hit a storm in March 2019.

toto místo vás zaručeně nabije pozitivní energií   v horkých dnech se můžete i svlažit

You can make a following trip - a hike to the top of Praděd, on whose slope Bílá Opava springs. Alternatively, relax in the baths region of Karlova Studánka.

GPS: 50°04'48.7"N 17°15'52.3"E


Text, foto a video: Matouš Vinš

Hudba: Ketsa

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