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CZ, Bohemian Paradise – The Maloskalsko and Chléviště Rock Maze

Published: 4.7.2019
If you want to experience a beautiful and not so frequented rock maze, then Chléviště in the Besedické Rocks seems to be the right choice.

Before the trip I recommend to visit the information center, opposite to which is Bouček's homestead. In the center you can take a map and go on a journey. We set off from the chapel to the green mark. On the way up the hill we pass a well. At the crossroads U Tůňky turn left and follow the blue sign to the Prayer and Grave of the Czech Brothers and the lookout point of Čeští bratři. Rocks were a refuge for persecuted non-Catholics during the Counter-Reformation. It resembles a chalice with the year 1634.

U Tůňky crossroads   Prayer place and the grave of the Czech brothers

From there, follow the yellow trail of the Dr. E. Beneš. The path leads between sandstone rocks. It is worth noting 4 beautiful views: Horákova, Kinského, Kde domov můj and Husníkova, which is named after Ing. Antonín Husník, director of Aero Prague races, who donated iron for the railing at the lookout. From here there are wonderful views of the surroundings. Especially in Malá Skála, the ruins of Vranov (Pantheon) or Jizera river. With good visibility, we can see as far as Ještěd.

a vista over Mala Skála

the outlook of Kde domov můj   observation tower

Other attractions include the Labyrint rock massif, Májová Tower or Matěj Krocínovský Cave and Václav Sadovský's fame, named after the Swedish Army rhythm master, who hid several valuables in the rock cavity during the Thirty Years' War. Then we arrive at the crossroads of the Lord's Field, from where we turn left to the red trail along The Golden Route of the Bohemian Paradise. We will descend from a steeper hill until we get back to Malá Skála. On the way there are information boards focused on geology, the maze is a part of the Bohemian Paradise PLA. You can also go to Chléviště when setting out from Besedice village.

Chléviště   Chléviště

I learned about this maze by accident and I have to say that it was great. It is very picturesque and the atmosphere was even better thanks to a small number of people. The Jizera River and Mala Skala are also breathtaking. The whole route was about 6 km long and the difficulty was not too great. Larger children and more experienced retirees will be able to manage the route. For families with strollers, the route is unsuitable. For refreshment and food I can recommend the restaurant of Boučkův statek or Maloskalský pivovar at the main road.

Malá Skála and its surroundings offer a lot: Suché skály, ruins of Vranov Castle (Pantheon), Frýdštejn Castle, Pěnčín Farm (children will be excited), Hrubý Rohozec Castle or Boskovice Dolomite Caves.

a weir on the Jizera river

On these hot days you can take a bath at the weir in Malá Skála (right at the campsite). Opposite the river there is the Žlutá plovárna swimming pool, where there is a refreshment stand and a playground for roping.

GPS: 50°37'46.6"N 15°11'56.1"E


Text: Filip Dyršmíd

Photos: Filip Dyršmíd, Wikimedia Commons: Lubor Ferenc

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