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CZ, Dětenice – A Chateau, A Brewery and A Medieval Inn

Published: 17.12.2020
Although a small village located in the Hradec Králové region dates back to 1052, it is probably experiencing its greatest glory only now. Visitors from all over the Czech Republic come here to enjoy the unique medieval atmosphere. Dětenice is located on the road between Jičín and Mladá Boleslav, less than 70 kilometers from Prague. The village lies practically at the beginning of the beautiful Bohemian Paradise. Part of this small village is the unique Castle Resort Dětenice, which includes a Baroque castle, a brewery and a medieval tavern.

vítejte v Dětenicích

The chateau dates back to 1404, later it was renovated in the Renaissance style, but subsequently it was still renovated in the Baroque style. Today, you can admire historical weapons, paintings and various period decorations in this distinctive red castle. The castle is in the middle of a romantic park, where you can sit in peace, and there are also small wooden attractions for children in the form of various houses. During the year, the area hosts fairs and festivities full of great food and drink. You can see the castle every day, both classically and with a variety in the form of, for example, a witch's or fairy-tale tour. Next to the castle, medieval knights' tournaments are also held on weekends. There is no need to worry about bad weather, tournaments are always held and in the rain the auditorium is covered.


interiér zámku (www.tadeasmarek.cz)   hotel (www.tadeasmarek.cz)

zámecký park   zámecký park

Next to the castle park there is a brewery, whose history dates back to the 18th century. Today, local Dětenice beer is brewed here and there are regular tours with tastings.

The medieval tavern is between the brewery and the castle park and it is certainly not a place for weak people. The interior is tuned to the Middle Ages, light is provided only by candles. During the evening, there is also a special program, which includes a fencing match, performances by fire-eaters and dancers, as well as other fun characters such as witches. However, it is important to mention the fact that the visitor is partially included in the program and the staff treats him as if he were in the Middle Ages. Don't expect any shouting. But maybe that's the magic of this tavern, which is always full. Therefore, be sure to reserve places in advance, in addition, the food is really great. You can stay in the hotel and the castle.

Středověká krčma Dětenice

Středověká krčma Dětenice

Outside the resort, in Dětenice, there is also a small chapel of St. Jan Nepomucký from the 19th century, which is located just a few steps from the castle park next to the parking lot. A little further on, there is one of the two nice niche chapels of Dětenice in each direction. In the immediate vicinity of the village there is a Renaissance castle and chateau Staré Hrady, a short distance away there are many other great tourist places such as Kost Castle, the ruins of the castle Trosky and Valečov, lookout towers Čížovka and Romanka and many more.

výklenková kaple Dětenice   kaple sv. Jana Nepomuckého

Unfortunately, a visit to the pub at this time will not be everything. So what do you say to the fact that now you go on a trip and a good lunch, and when everything calms down, you enjoy a medieval feast?

středověká hostina


GPS: 50°22'09.6"N 15°10'17.8"E

Text: Veronika Schubertová

Photos: Veronika Schubertová, Zámecký resort Dětenice

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