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CZ, Doksy – A Family Vacation

Published: 3.6.2017
Summer and vacation are nearing. It is the highest time to choose where to go for a vacation or a weekend. It is very tempting to spend a vacation at the sea but quite heavy on finances. What to do when the weather gets tropical and you want to get away from it with your whole family? There is an amazing summer resort in the Czech Republic as well – Doksy near Machovo Lake. You can have children the ages of which are not close one to another, or you and your partner differ in interests – you will still have fun at Machovo Lake.

Doksy is a town of about 5 thousand in the Region of Liberec. The town is close to Ceska Lipa, and Mlada Boleslav and Prague as well. Moreover, there is a train station. The town consists of eight districts – Doksy, Kruh, Staré Splavy, Žďár, Vojetín, Břehyně, Zbyny and Obora.

Máchovo Lake - beach in the morning   Máchovo Lake - beach in the morning

Machovo Lake is the main attraction in the area. It is the eighth largest lake in the Czech Republic. Around "Machac" there are many accommodation facilities such as camps, or you can rent an apartmant in Doksy. Sand beaches are clean. You can reach them by going through pine forests. However, there are some routes which are great to explore the lake and it would be for the best if you rented a scooter. There is everythign you need aroudn the beaches - toalets, showers, restaurants, bars, or rentals where you can rent paddle boats or boats. You can even try the popular windsurfing. There is boat traffic on the lake as well. So you can board a boat and travel on the lake without any physical effort. Also, there are many activities for children like water slides, or helter-skelters. A group of friends can play beach volleyball here. We recommend you to get at the beach right in the morning to enjoy it before other people come here.

beach volleyball pitch

However, Doksy is also an interesting place. People who enjoy history might find interesting the baroque-style St Bartholomew and the Assumption of Virgin Mary church which was completed in 1638. Inside the church, there is a copy of the Virgin Mary of Montserrate. Another interesting sight is the 16th century renaissance chateau, or Karel Hynak Macha memorial - a building which houses a museum today. Moreover, it is the oldest structure in Doksy, in fact the only one which survived the fire of 1842. The hosue is a protected cultural sight. The main exhibition focuses on Karel Hynek Macha. However, the museum displays also items related to the history of fishing in the Czech Republic. Many more other exhibitions are held here throught the year.

Památník K. H. Máchy – muzeum a nejstarší stavení v Doksech

Children can have fun here as well. 6 years ago the Ctyrlistek Museum (a popular Czech comic book) was opened here. It is situated inside the library building. The museum displays the famous comic book by Jaroslav Nemecek. He has a cabin in the area. The author was inspired by the surrounding landscape. The entire tour in the museum is interactive and fun. Also, the "Se Ctyrlistkem okolo Blataku" trail was created. It is 12 kilometers long. It runs from Doksy around Machovo Lake and through STare Splavy. Information boards are situated around the trail and they feature comic book characters, you can even buy a special book guide featuring the characters by Mr Nemecek.

Doksy library and Ctyrlistek museum

Next to the Ctyrlistek Museum, there is another place every family must see. Berousek Doksy Zoo founded 2 years ago. There live many exotic species such as white lions, or tigers. Children can feed many of the animals, or take a picture with predatory puppies. Doksy is alive at night as well. You can go to the popular Bily Kamen disco or visit Máj cinema.

an information board on the Machova trail  Zoopark Berousek Doksy  knihovna Doksy a Muzeum Čtyřlístku

Let's not forget about the surrounding of Doksy. There are many biking and tourist routes around. For instance, you can see the Hradcanske rock walls, or King's Seat (Kraluv stolec) a sand block, or famous castles such as Bezdez, Houska or Kokorin.

hrad Kokořín 

GPS: (Máchovo jezero) 50°34'41.2"N 14°39'16.0"E

Text: Veronika Schubertová

Photos: Veronika Schubertová, Klára Svobodová, Wikimedia Commons: LaSo

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