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CZ: From Kamenny Privoz to Pikovice – A Walk Through Posazavska Trail

Published: 25.10.2018
If you want to go through the most beautiful and most romantic stretch along the Sazava River, then the section from Kamenny Privoz to Pikovice is a great choice. Take a look at the history of tramping, see the huts and settlements set in rocks, prospects, waterfalls, rock formations and much more. The river makes it even better. Somewhere it is wild and somewhere water lazily rolls along the rocks.

You can leave your car at the Kamenny Privoz railway station, then you go up the hill over the red marked trail until you reach the village of the same name. Then you cross the bridge, take the road a while and turn right into the tramp and hiking paradise. The road comes over the river, in the valley you will see the village and the lake Žampach. You will reach the view of the Zampach weir, from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Zamberk railway viaduct from 1900. It is the highest stone railway bridge in the Czech Republic, measuring less than 42 m, granite and seven arches. Workers from all over Europe, especially from Italy, took part in the construction.

railway viaduct

Then you will reach the Ovcin Waterfalls. The next waterfall is called Trebisinsky by a nearby village. A short walk behind it, there is the beautiful Raisova viewpoint. It is named after the writer Karel Vaclav Rais, who liked to visit these places. There is also an indoor shelter where you can relax, and even the order of the Posazavsky Pacific train.

vista from Raisova scenic view  roofed shed at Raisova viewpoint  Posázavsky Pacific

And to the third of Kliment's Outlook. It is probably the most beautiful view of the river and the tramp village in Luky pod Mednikem. Then we'll come down from the hills, rocks, and we will move down, almost to the river level, until Pikovice. One of the last beauties of this route is the rock formation Pikovicka Needle, towering across the river. At its top there is a cross and is a favorite place for climbers. In Pikovice you can refresh yourself at the local patisserie. Then you just cross the bridge, enjoy the view of the Sazava and you will reach the railway station Petrov near Prague. From here you can get back to Kamenný Privoz by train. The train operates often even during the weekend.

the river Sazava and Luky pod Mednikem settlement

Pikovicka needle  memorial plaque  at Ovicinske waterfalls

The trail is 11 km long and can be walked quietly in 3 to 3.5 hours. The terrain is not very demanding, it runs along the plain, sometimes rises and somewhere are stairs. The trip is also suitable for children and senior retirees, it is not for strollers. On the way there is no snack, so do not forget to pack a snack. The closest one is in Pikovice or at the beginning in Kamenny Privoz. You can, of course, go back or leave the car at home and take a train from Prague main station. 

GPS: (bridge) 49°52'24.1"N 14°29'17.5"E


Text and photos: Filip Dyrsmid

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