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CZ: In-Line Skating from Nova Pec to Stozec

Published: 25.9.2017
Forests of the Sumava, valleys, the meandering River Vltava, quiet, shades, smooth asphalt. So, what more you can desire as a in-line roller skater?

Getting to an In-Line Trail

A ride to Lipno from Ceske Budejovice takes about an hour. The road offers splendid vistas over the foothill of the Sumava. Forest cover this celan land. I am almost sorry to travel by car through this amazing, fresh nature.

šumavské louky

Nova Pec, Once a Town of Loggers

There is a large parking lot (it is charged to park there) at train station in Nova Pec. We put on our roller skates on a bench on a place where several restaurants meet. With great expectations we set off to the in-line trail. "Nova Pec is situated on the still-flowing Vltava river but you can already spot still water as you are nearing the dam," as a pleasant lady at visitor center told me. "And there is more. Our water is the cleanest of the entire Czech Republic. Therefore, the endangered fresh water pearl mussels occur here," she added.

in-line stezka v srdci Šumavy   koloběžka je oblíbená

A Trail for Every In-Liner

A 15-kilometer in-line is of high-quality asphalt surface. There is no significant elevation it is more of a flatland. The trail is suitable for beginners, advanced roller skaters, families with children, in-line rollers skaters, people with scooters and bikes. The nature is going to enchant you. The trail goes through the forests of Sumava, along NPR Vltavsky Luh marshlands. In summer, forests provide perfect shelter from the sun. However, in this time of the year you better wear something warm. Also, here you may get a glimpse of the largest dam in the Czech Republic – Lipno Dam. It covers an area of 50 km2.

šumavské bory, lesy, louky

Quality, Surface, and Railroad Crossings

Asphalt is very smooth. Beginners and families with children would welcome such a high-quality surface. There is an active railroad track going along the trail. Railroad crossings are not particularly safe. I recommend you to remain vigilant there, slow down, look to your left and right and only then cross. There are about nine such crossings. If you count them you will get an idea how far from the finish line you are.

9 vlakových přejezdů na trase   cyklostezka vede stínem šumavských lesů

The trail is fair simple yet quite long (39 kilometers – should you set off from Nova Pec to Stozec and then go back). In case you find out that you couldn't mak it you need to wait for a train at some of the train stops along the way. Don't forget to have a bottle of water with you. There is only one store which is about 5 kilometers from the finish line.

jediná menší nerovnost   vlak jezdí pravidelně

Stozec and Its Hospitability

Two hours later I reach Stozec. There is a huge visitor center to the left. It boasts beautiful decoration. I travel further into the town. Soon I reach a beautiful restaurant with a timbered terrace. Prices are affordable, staff is friendly. Notice a wooden chaple of Stozec. It is situated on the precint of the Sumava primaveal forest.

informační centrum ve Stožci

One of the Most Beautiful In-Line Trails in Czechia

The trail is very nice with almost nill elevation. e příjemná cyklostezka s malým převýšením se zvládne tam i zpět za jedno odpoledne. Asfaltová komunikace je určena pro in-line bruslaře, koloběžky, kola i pěší turistiku. Každý, kdo má rád přírodu a sport, nebude litovat cesty, kterou sem vážil.

GPS: (Nová Pec) 48°46'40.1"N 13°55'49.0"E


Text a foto: Šárka Vacková

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