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CZ - Javoříčko Cave: Cave With "Niagara Falls"

Published: 11.11.2010
Javoříčko Caves consist of three-store system of tunnel corridors and big domes with precipices and chimneys, created by mens of erosive-rusty processes. The caves are situated in Olomouc Region, not far from the Town of Litovel.

The name Javoříčko Caves was invented by Mr.J.Kunsky in 1950. The cave system is formed  with mutually joined Javoříčko Caves, discovered in 1938, and later discovered Peace Caves and cave system, invented before (Svěcená, Švecova and Paničí Hole, Hlinité Caves and Zátvořice Bore).

The caves penetrate through Špraněk Hill, placed in an altitude of 539 metres above sea level. At its north slope of the hill, you can find an entrance, artificially created, and at west slope, one of several exits of open route (Svěcená Hole), and finally, at its east slope, main exit of caves, open for public.


In its upper floor (this was investigated in most detailed way) the entrance is technically arranged and open for public. The section is 790 metres long. From here, from the neighbouring caves, deep abysess into middle floor are leading. The entry into this stage is made throughout artificial gallery, falling into big system space - Dome of Ruins. The extensive collapse established Ruins´and Giants´ Domes, Connecting Corridor and Fairytale Caves.

This upper floor continues, from Svěcená Hole, behind Virgin Cave towards Peace Cave, discovered in 1958.

Decoration elements are as follows:

- sintre decoration with powerful stalagmite formations.

- very high niches, corridor labyrinths and tube as well as canal abysses, deep from 8 up to

60 metres

- very thin quills, which appear in all sections of this floor

In central stage, the abysses are to be found, connecting the central floor with lower one.

From this level, there is an entrance from west Špraněk slope to Svěcená Hole – and you can watch there the spaces without sintre decoration.

This cave is passable, including Precipice Dome and Hlinitá Cave.

Central section has several independent sections, such as. Švec discovery way, corridor labyrinth below Connecting Corridor and Hlinitá Cave. Most of them are formed from narrow corridors, created on cracks, influenced by water flow.

Decoration elements are the following:

- very thin quills, appearing in irregular formations, different dense groups. They are 20-50 cm long

From low floor, only a part of space in precipice space is investigated. It is Lion´s Hole only, the other details are unknown for the time being. The stage is probably formed from narrow covered corridors and cannals, the same as in Lion´s Hole, the only fully investigated one.


Interested facts:

- the firstpreserved written note, regarding Javoříčko Cave, comes of 1939

- clayish-loamy sediments are to be found in a section, from Waterfall Hall up to Black Abyss and in Abyss Dome. The sediments contain greater boulders of quartz.

- the whole upper floor is a type of river cave

- subterranean precipice Lion´s Hole is 64 metres deep

- in Giants´ Dome, the greatest stalactite, 3,20 metres long, is to be found

- in Connecting Corridor, you can see stalactites, named as: Haná mrkev (carrots), Damocle´s

Sword, both more than two metres long.

- in Fairytale Caves, unique folded sintre curtains are to be appeared

- in Ruin´s Dome, you can see „Pilgrims“, these are „crooked“ stick-formed stalagmites

- in the same Ruin´s Dome, a shinbone of wave rhinoceros was found in 1951

- most of cave walls is covered with sintre cascades

- "Niagara Falls" on a wall of Giants´ Dome are the greatest cascade, 11 metres long

- total lenght of a route, open for public, makes 790 metres

- cave spaces are approx. 4000 metres long

- the temperature in caves is 7-8 °C

- this cave belongs to most important places for bats´ hibernation


Text: Tereza Flašková

Source: Jeskyně (Edice Chráněná území), RNDr. Jaroslav Hromas a kolektiv

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš


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