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CZ, Kolin – Invitation to Royal City

Published: 14.5.2015
Kolin is not simply an industrial center, it is also a place of rich history and precious sights. It is a place where those which those who love culture will enjoy and the same goes for people who love sports, adults and children as well.

náměstí v Kolíně

Despite Kolin is set on the road between traditional tourist destinations like Prague or Kutna Hora, this place can offer you a lot of interesting. You absolutely wouldn’t regret paying a visit to this town. One important reason to see Kolin is the unique work of Petr Parler - Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. This pearl of the Gothic style could be seen from the Garden below the Tower that is open from spring to autumn and you can get there through Kourimska Street.

chrám sv. Bartoloměje kostnice u chrámu sv. Bartoloměje Mariánský sloup


Also, visit old Jewish cemetery where you will feel hundreds years of history. Don’t forget to pay a visit to renovated synagogue that is a memorial to the second most populous Jewish town in the Czech lands. Various exhibitions and concerts are held in the synagogue. Kolin can boast with beautiful Neo-Renaissance town-hall . Its great hall is decorated with a precious triptych by Vaclav Radimsky. Thus, any wedding in the Kolin’s town-hall has a beautiful background.

židovský hřbitovsynagoga - východní průčelí

ghetto - Karoliny Světlé čp. 140

The first written reference of Kolin was made in 1261. The town fortification wall of two stone wall lines were built by an order of Premysl Otakar II. Kolin’s historical center has preserved its original medieval ground plan. In 1989, it was parní lokomotiva declared a historical reservation. Baroque houses, Neo-Renaissance town-hall, Marian Column and fountain are to be found on Karlovo square. The first steam train rode through Kolin in 1845. Many industrial factories had emerged in the following decades. Since then, Kolin has been referred to as being Czech Manchester. Kolin of the present is an important center of transportation and industry. The industry has changed yet still chemical industry as well as car, mechanical engineering, and polygraphic industry.

Kolin is a modern town, therefore it provides all kinds of services - cinema with state-of-the-art technology, theatre where famous Czech interpreters perform, well-designed Regional Museum , or the new Gallery of Kolin Town . This June, people can visit new attraction in Prazske Suburb. It is a renovated waterworks which will now serve as a lookout tower.

Masarykův mostPodskalský mlýn

The Forest park of Borky is a traditional recreational zone. There are many sport fields, or a nature trail that would guide you in forest along the Elbe River. Another place great for relax is Kmoch’s Island . There is a renovated amphitheater where open-air concerts take place. In summer, you can set sails on rented pedal boats. In the center, there is the Komensky park with benches and a nice vista of Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. At aqua park Vodni Svet you can enjoy some water activities. Except for roofed pools, summer pool, or tennis courts, one can utilize a multi-functional space. In summer, this area is used as a traffic playground and as an ice rink in winter. Children love to have a go-cart morning on the traffic playground. Whether you prefer to relax, or have action-packed activities make sure to reserve some time for a visit of Kolin’s cozy pubs or cafes.

město z lávky

Should you desire to experience a cool brass band concert, come to Kolin in mid-June asZálabská skála an international brass music festival in honor of Frantisek Kmoch will be held. Its name is Kmochuv Kolin.

Not only Frantisek Kmoch has made Kolin famous. Many other important people who lived there or were born there contributed to town’s good reputation. We name only a couple of them, for instance „the grandest of pierrots“, mime Jean Gaspard Deburau, vedutista Vincence Morstadt, writer Josef Svatopluk Machar, and poet Karel Leger, poet and literary scientist Otakar Fischer, painter Václav Radimsky, and Rudolf Kremlicka, photographers Josef Sudek and Jaromír Funke, painters Rudolf Mazuch and Zedenk Rykr, poet and Catholic priest Jan Anastaz Opasek.

And now an interesting fact. Sendrazice, a suburb of Kolin, offers a unique experience during summer months, it is called Kolinska Reparska Drazka . It is a renovated part of a narrow-gauge railway originally used for transportation of sugar beet. However, today little-ones and grown-ups ride in its renovated vagos pulled by a steam or a diesel locomotive.

parní lokomotiva 

The town of Kolin certainly has lots to offer to people interested in history as well as to families with children, and people who love sports. Simply put – anyone will find something to like about this town. Just come and see!

Town information center

Na Hradbách 157, 280 02 Kolín I.
Tel.: +420 321 712 021, +420 774 138 197
Email: mic@mukolin.cz


The town of Kolin

Karlovo nám. 78, 280 12 Kolín I.

Tel.: +420 321 748 111

Email: podatelna@mukolin.cz


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