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CZ, Kromeriz – Charming Beauty III

Published: 29.3.2017
During our walks in Kromeriz we reached Archbishopric chateau on Snemovni sqaure. We follow up on our last week's walk and explore more of beautiful places in this city. Before entering the cahteau, we visit the Mlynska gate which is a part of city's fortification.

pohled z věže (Mlýnská brána, Arcibiskupské gymnázium, kostel sv. Mořice) 

In the outside, the archbishopric chateau seems to seamlessly transcends into the gate. The gate is of early-Baroque architecture and is the last preserved city gate. The gate linked the historic center and the mint, brewery, mill, and other facilities. By the way, other gates - Vodni and Kovarska - were destroyed in the years 1855 and 1857 respectively. The gate was administered by the bishop, the then guard ensured that it would be conquered. Originally, there was a moat in front of the gate. However, the moat was covered in 1833. In this time, a building where archbishopric guard was housed, and a corridor linked it with the chateau allowed to travers between here and the Archbishopric gymnasium, and St Moritz church which we mentioned last week. In the beginning of the 20th century, a wider corridor was made for pedestrians during the reconstruction of the gymnasium.

Mlýnská brána

Arcibiskupský zámek   Arcibiskupský zámek

Upon a short break we finally set off to the castle. We bought tickets in amazing ground chambers. We read all information leaflets, and bought some souvenirs. To make our wait for the guide shorter we visited local cafe.

Archbishopric chateau

 information panel   Archbishopric chateau

The representative residence of bishops and archbishops of Olomouc was built in the 13th century. The historical atmosphere was amazing. We walked through richly decorated halls, corridors, and chambers. What amazed us the most was sala terrena, the throne chamber, the tzar chamber (which is commemorates the meeting of Tzar Alexander III and Franz Joseph I in 1885), a gallery with amazing art, unique library  and music archive including manuscripts of W. A. Mozart, J. Hayden, or L van Beethoven. However, this baroque building of 40 room included an amazing surprise - the most beautiful rococo hall in the Czech Republic and Central Europe as well - the Assembly Hall. This hall housed the Austrian Reichstag for several months. Once entered the hall, notice its decorated ceiling. Its amazing architecture, historic furniture, tousand upon tousands of printed materials, art pieces made it to UNESCO.

When we were done with the tour we climbed the 84 meter tower. Walking up the circular stauricase we found ourselves on tower's gallery giving us amazing vista over the city

the vista from the tower

pohled z věže   pohled z věže

W did not want to leave. But we were about to visit Podzamecka garden and other points of interest. We saw a chateau chocolate factory. There we refilled our sugar levels, and moved on.
Arcibiskupský zámek   vstup do Podzámecké zahrady

When entering the garden, we noticed little tourist trains. We decided to ride them . Where we travelled and what we saw will be revealed next week.

Podzámecká garden

GPS: 49°17'59.9"N 17°23'33.8"E

Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

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