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CZ, Milotice – Baroque Fairy-Tale

Published: 18.3.2015
A trip to Buchlov castle was so enchanting we decided to spend another weekend at Czech castles and chateaus. This time we decided Milotice set closer to us. The chateau is located at the edge of the town bearing the same name.

The town of Milotice is only 6 kilometers off Kyjov, the district of Hodonin. The ride doesn’t take long. Moreover, you can see beautiful nature sceneries. All of a sudden we were in the town of 1900 people. The town is known as an important center of the Hussites yet today it is better known for beautiful sights, or wine which made the region famous.
zámek Milotice

There are many landmarks we have seen in the town. On the first place we have to mention the church of All Saints , a Baroque piece of architecture with rich history, and many works of art, priceless artist workshops. Another sight is the so called Sidleny – an area of about 200 wine cellars. Last but not least, there is chateau Milotice built in the 16th century. The chateau was our top destination of the day.

Milotice Chateau

Before we entered the chateau we had learned that it was built by Renaissance reconstruction medieval fortress on water. Later in the beginning of the 18Th century, it was rebuilt again, this time in Baruque style. We entered the chateau our expectances running high. With our own eyes we saw extraordinary character of this fairy-tale compound. The chateau seems to offer life standards and habits of its former owners - the House of Seilern - Aspang. The property of this dynasty came under state’s ownership under the infamous Benes decrees. The public gained access to it in 1948. Since the mid-1960s it has undergone couple of renovations. Today you can see exhibition displaying items from the 17-19th centuries. Also there are historical tours in the compound, or there are spaces available to conduct cultural events such as markets, night tours, national historical festival, or music preformation.
zámek Milotice (interiér)        zámek Milotice (zahrady)

zámek Milotice (zahrady)

Statues were what interested us the most. There are countless off them. Also, we liked the so called sala terrena - an open architecture that is a maintained garden in the interior part of the chateau, and it has also a “bush labyrinth”, “pathways, well, and flowers. Our tour didn’t end with this. We were about to see the vast French park, orangery, fruit garden, and pheasantry. Fortunately, weather was great so we really enjoyed the visit to the chateau’s compounds until the closing hour.
zámek Milotice        zámek Milotice

Nature near the town of Milotice is also worth visitng, such as the nature reservation of Pisecny pond that has unique biotope, or the reservation of Horky. The latter has the best preserved example of the White-Carpathian steppe. Or you can see the hill of Náklo, allegedly the center to the Great Moravia.
zámek Milotice (zahrady)

We haven’t visited any of these places for the lack of time. At least we enjoyed the beautiful town and the chateau. We will visit it one more time, indeed. The town and its surroundings offer more than we though. We hove that this article inspires you to visit this beautiful Czech town.

Text and photo: Oskár Mažgút

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