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CZ, Mrakov: Lomecek – Watching Fish in an Underwater Cabin

Published: 25.2.2016
Don’t be confused. Winter is the best season to watch underwater life. Pikes, pikeperches, crucians, and carps swim in clear water around you. A quarry in Mrakov, Domazlice region, is a great place for this activity.

Lomeček, Mrákov Lomeček, Mrákov

Not more than 8 km from Domazlice in the direction to Novy Klicov there is a former quarry. Today there is a vast park where many wooden sculptures are scattered around. Master woodcarvers make them every year at an annual symposium. The reason divers and people travel there is a flooded quarry, and submersive observation cabin. And also, people travel there because of the owner Zdenek Zrust.

Lomeček, Mrákov

The facility operates all year round – the submersible cabins, sandwich bar and the divers’ utility rooms. The stone quarry covers 0,8 hectares. The depth doesn’t surpass 10 meters.

Lomeček, Mrákov

The observation post is situated 8 meters below the water surface. You can reach it from floating wharf. You need to clean your shoes there and go on into steel tube (quite narrow one) through which goes a steel ladder. (Gloves come in handy in the winter season.) Down there you find yourselves in a room. It looks like a circular ship cabin. A bench is attached all around it to allow you to seat while observing. It is best for three people to be there even though 6-8 people fit inside.

Lomeček, Mrákov Lomeček, Mrákov

Now nothing prevents us from watching the world of fresh water creatures. Through circular windows you can see flora, a ship wreck, a mermaid and a catfish hiding behind it. From the cabin divers’ activity is observed and you can see them as well practicing. If you happen to be there when no fish is swimming around, the owner strew some fish food to tehe water.

Lomeček, Mrákov

Photographers like the lake full of fish but kids like it the most. One learns here and gets precious advice. The owner certainly likes to share.

The Upper Palatine Forest is situated nearby the compound. Many tourist and bike trails cross the area. Mainly they lead to various vantage points or lookout towers.

One last piece of important information: it is strictly forbidden to enter the area with dogs .

Lomeček, Mrákov Lomeček, Mrákov

Lomeček, Mrákov

GPS: 49°23'28.9"N 12°57'51.4"E

Text and photos: Monika Babická

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